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Lineage 2 Stuck Subclass



We just want to announce you as we will open soon a new server - the estimated open time is 03.08.2012


Some of server features - the list will continue when we finish the site

our domain is  http://lineage.gb.net



Rate: 400x

Enchant System: +3 Safe +16 Max

Enchant Rate: 50% Normal - 65% Blessed


Subclass System: Same Race 1+1

No Custom Items

GM Shop till to S Grade

Buffer no 3rd - 28+4divine slot buffs

Excepting these features server will be  reatil like


donation closed 1st month


More Info:


How you will add subclass in our server:


1. Everything is working as retail way, you go to any grand magister of your race (EX: if you want Fighter subclass you go to Warrior guild and add subclass the Master will lets you choise only subclasses of your race not others)

2. Dwarfs can subclass any race

3. To add subclass you should become nobless or you should have Alliance With Ketra/Varka LvL 1 no more

4. To Become nobless you should kill barakiel - every one from the party will gain nobless status  without anyquest ( you dont need quest to become nobless you just have to kill barakiel thats all)

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