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interlude Interlude.pro x75 Mid Kicks off this Sunday 18:00GMT+2


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Interlude.pro x75 Mid Kicks off this Sunday 18:00GMT+2


Announcement: Hello dear Interlude.pro players. The new Mid server will start on the 3 of June at 18:00 (+2GMT). Please invite all your friends to join a clans, and help us to advertise the server.

At the start will be off Valakas and Antharas, them be alive a week later.


Brief information about the server:

*Full NPC Buffer

*24 +4 buff slot (+4 learned by Divine books )

*Shop has mats and their recipes

*Anti Heavy System

*Will be allowed 1 box.


More info


Server chronic:


Lineage II The Chaotic Throne: Interlude


Server rates:

~XP X75

~SP X75

~Adena X75

~Drop Items X25

~Drop Spoil X25

~Drop RaidBoss X5

~Drop RaidBoss Jewelery X1

~Drop Quests X10

~Quest Reward * X3

~Drop Fish X5

~Manor X5

~Max. Enchant amount 16

~Enchant Scroll 50%

~Bless Enchant 55%


Profession prices (subclass free):

~1 profession Free

~2 profession Free

~3 profession Free


*Prices are optimal for Rates x75, in early game adena hevo some importance.


Server features:


~Full working skill, on the global balance.

~Mats shop

~Full working all quests.

~Npc buffer (2h buff time) 24+4 Buff slot.

~7Signs teleporter.

~Mammon added to GM Shop

~GM shop up to B grade.

~Working Fortress, Clan Hall.

~Castle Siege.

~Commercial Geodata.

~Full fixed all Raid / Grand Boss (Frinteza, Sepulchers, etc.)

~Working cursed weapons.

~Auto Events: TvT, CTF, DM.





~Show config menu .menu

~Repair player, need connect with other character in broken character acc .repair

~Events manager .events

~Offline Shop .offline

~Character information .whoami

~Locks / unlocks getting buffs only work in peace zones .blockbuff


Account security commands:


~Show HWID bind status .hwidstatus

~Enable/disable bind to HWID, use when you have dinamic IP (bind put on your PC, only for binded PC you can connect to account) .bindhwid


Join US NOW.




Get prizes for invited players:



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