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Update - 30.9.2011


-It is possible to acquire Deinonychus pet on Primeval Isle now

-Hot Spring Diseases can be now leveled

-DrChaos should summon this RB since Pavel Ruins got changed in Freya, added minions for new Gigantic Golem

Overlord mobs now have a chance of using ultimate skill when below 30%, and broadcast a message when they do

-Reed Fields AI for devices (Brazier of Purity and Waste Landfill Machine) and for Contaminated Mucrokian

-Some fun on Devils Isle - mobs here polymorph on attack

-DV raidbosses from vortex are aggressive

-New Effect - EffectTempDisableBuffs -> Can be used to customize Cancel type Skills on Servers where Players bitch about Cancel. When Effect goes off, disabled Effects return to effected.

-Sprigant AI - sprigant is static, and periodically casts its skill (anemia or deadly poison)

fix for Plains of Lizardmen mp/hp herbs

-AI for dueling mobs - well they spam about duel, also when you attack them they aggro all mobs around in a great radius to attack player while they spam even more

-Freya, Frintezza and Zaken add quest items or change quest state to every player in CC that is nearby, not just to party members.

-First part of Zaken Instance update - corrected red/blue colors of candles (red is wrong, blue is right), Zaken is invinsible until all 4 blue candles are lit (you can still use AoE skills and you will get a message that he resisted your attack, BUT he wont appear and he wont take any dmg), Zaken spawns with 4 minions Pirate Zombie Captains that also respawn after 90 seconds and attack players

-Zaken must be aggressive

-Zaken instance part 2 - Zaken now spawns randomly in one of 15 rooms on his ship (so players have to search for him by lighting candles, once all 4 are lit he spawns), fixed some errors I did in last commit

-ban_acc, unban_acc from telnet

-After some analysis i think that on retail all effects i_something are applied ALWAYS and are independent from main skill landrate. We can't do such thing now :/

-Block Wind Walk changes. It always remove buffs (i_dispel_by_slot_probability with 100% - so im using dispelbyslot) power moved to effect and type changed to negate.

-Negate effects should land on invul chars.

-Tested on l2off test server. If character cancel revive from Salvation only Blessing is removed. Buff stays.

-Added new Hooks for L2Summon, so Sandro can do their "ai" scripts

-Sin Eater AI

-Additional 3 halls for custom clan halls mod.

-Blood Brother is TWO handed sword

-Fix for attacking UD monster with pet

-fix for kicking from clan while in offline mode.

-deadlock fix

-Confirmed on retail. Auctioneer doesn't show current bids sum. Only bidders list.

-Move enable thing to parent class. This will allow enable/disable all zones, not only effect zones.

IngeniousContraption(s) AI after killing Tully

-SpookyTombstone teleporter AI

-Custom field to NPC if we need to set some value only for some npc in scripts.

-Some Basic AI for workers


-retail zone for HQ

-Minions and Polymorphing mobs should be spawned in 'master' instance.

-Change npc's near altars

-htmls for new NPCs

-GeoData: New config to load geodata into an byte array. Allows dynamic reloading of geo since we are no longer bound to an mapped file

-Do not add target_self skills to list, they have icon in pet window. pet goes inside loop because we are checking stack for owner, so with target_self he is casting same buff on self all the time until he run out of mana.

-Two npc's from SOA (still AI for maugen is needed)

-Some basics for now. Only timers. eventmonster because we need spawner instance, should work ok.

-After that update you will be able to get Maguen pet in SOA

-fix effect zone (SOA buff and in devil isle)

-little change in some agathion skill

-Little changes in HB scripts. Pillar is invul when Darion is alive. And he is opening doors, not Darion.

-Naia Entrance scripts

-TARGET_PARTY_OTHER was used for old force skills, now is used only by one skill, but it should work in different way, so changing it. Old fasion is not needed since force skills are not used anymore

-Added IRCClient implemented

-Floating Ghost AI

-Logic fix for upgrading Clan supledges

-Naia Tower room system

-According to some info from old Elly (not sure if 'won't die' is not just 'you cannot lower such hp' ;>) : 'those constructs have 16,053,769 HP and won’t die.'

'-Neolitable' rb weapon

-block ww fix

-Trap rooms inside Naia Tower.

-There is possibility that players open next room, but don't start fight there. So we need to reset previous room, because next parties must be able to enter.

-Fix for potions from Tiger event

-spoil fix for blue mobs in new drop systems

-If we are disabling some zone, we should call onExit() for all characters inside.

-PcBang Kamaloka instances. Disabled by default.

-When party enter Naia NPC is despawned for 20 min

-Packet change and support for dmg handle by script.

-Premium accounts implementation

-On retail skill usage doesn't break attack. Its queued and executed after you finish regular attack hit.

-Premium NPC for enabling Premium Accounts. If you want use it, add script into scripts.cfg

-Little correction. We should use default config multipliers, and eventually multiply by premium multipliers. so if we have spoilrate 2 and premium 1.5 result will be 3 (1.5 in previous version so lower than base)

-drop with img and chance in shift click

-Eva's Inferno Event.

-custom buff in clanhall/castle if you set true player can get all buff/for fighter/for mage by 1 click


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Update :

Core support for items which has skill(s) while they are in players inventory. Also XPSPrate effect now separated.


A few Rune items.


Basic implementation of Enchant Effects for items


Fix for same TW territory players on olympiad.


add pet near npc in hot spring,


in h5 skill Guilted Body don't have heal penalty


Herbs time is not halved when you have a summon, and its about year already!


service in community board:

now you can enable premium account with 2 different item (select id, select count, select day for enable (if already enabled - day added))

allow change sex in cb

allow reset pet name

change player name

support for multisel




Retail stats for Antharas and Valakas


Correct chance for freya hair accessory and cape


rework item witch player can use in antharas and valakas zone. before we have done it totally wrong lol


RelationChanged fixes. Should fix also issues with Next target action.


Fix. Now Next target on oly work's correctly


fix exploit when player use oly observer like bsoe


done: You cannot move while speaking to an NPC. One moment please


The amount of Vitality used when a monster is killed for characters levels 75 to 85 has changed to use the same amount as characters below level 75

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We have made for you a completely new web site, which is more graphically elaborate and his features are clearer. We have added on your request a toplist with pvp points.

We hope, that you will like it and will act with more presentations to attract new people to our community.

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Update - 15. October 2011

- Retail augmentation (now you can get skill when you are augmenting jewels)

- Siegable clan halls (Fortress of Resistance, Fortres of the Dead and Devastated Castle)

- Nightime Zaken

- Zone spawn system *Inactive for now!* (It means that mobs will respawn in own zone, not always in same point. So you can notice little changes in amount of mobs in some locations because of that.)

And few problems reported on forum.


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-fix for class cast exception

-recipe merchant to xml

-dead guard near altar to xml

-AI for Gludio wharf patrol

-Lindvior AI

-Tully GK fix for spawn zone

-add warning on skill load if skill have consume count without consume id

-if player is without party we should return him as target only. so remove partycheck from there, is checked 3 lines after

-Move 7s quest corpse Npc to place where Quest pointer shows destination

-this skill controlled by quest timer in instance script

-custom return guard to spawn point with config, player all time complain about guard is missing and stay somewhere in texture

-7 Signs spawns using spawn zone system.

-Show info about Spawn event

-Preacher and Orator NPCs update to retail

-Rooney AI

-Bloody Karik, Kariness, Berserker and Knoriks update to H5 (base stats, passive skills, elements, drop, spoil)

-AI for 7s mobs.

-Teleport by mobs is done, so we can remove that code

-Retail corrections. Compass shows 7s Zone only inside Festival rooms - maybe is some zone type - for now i change check to isInDimensionalRift(). Remove whole isIn7sDungeon thing, since is not needed anymore. For now i leave field in characters table, we can use it later for some other thing for example.

-afaik siegable clan halls are free

-Some consumeID's. Also check inside skills template to debug if used item will have correct ID assigned.

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Master of Enchanting



Collect Master Yogi’s enchant scrolls by hunting monsters at all locations. If you are lucky enchant on his wapon – you can win some of the valuable items. The higher will be Staff enchant, the better for you. Drop scrolls are from all kind mobs and chance are set on 5%


yogiScroll.jpg Master Yogi’s Scroll: Enchant Weapon – Use this scroll to enchant the Staff of Master Yogi. This item can be traded, dropped, and stored.

yogiStaff.jpg Staff of Master Yogi – Purchase this staff for 1,000 adena from Master Yogi. This item cannot be dropped, sold, traded, or stored.


+1/+2/+3        No reward

+4                  1x firework

+5                  1x large firework

+6                  1x random shadow event hair accessory

+7                  5x random elemental stone

+8                  1x random pink talisman

+9                  5x random elemental crystals

+10                1x random SC 12

+11                1x random SC 13

+12                1x random vesper armor box

+13                1x random vesper weapon box

+14                1x random SC 14

+15                1x random SC 15

+16                1x random SC 16

+17                1x random vorpal armor chest

+18                1x random SC 17

+19                1x random SC 18

+20                1x random S84 high weapon

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New System


It is available for downloading new server system. Tomorrow morning will be performed to uploading a new LameGuard on server. So it is recommended to replace the existing system with new one.


Update 17.11.2011


- added PC kafe NPC

- reworked Blacksmith of Mamon & Merchant of  Mamon (teleportation in catacombs/necropolis)

- skills update

- fix Hide

- add PC Bank Kamaloka

- fix several report


Event system:

- configurable: delete all buffs/debuffs when the event ends or gets aborted

- configurable: disallow casting all summon skills

- configurable: disallow summoning all pets

- configurable: delete all parties that were not created by the engine when the event STARTS

- added info about the engine to the registration NPC

- fixed a bug due to which players stucked when they tried to hit/heal NPC on event

- fixed Last Man Standing bug with timelimit

- skills are now shown correctly when player transforms on event


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