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[Share]IG Walker For Illicit Awakening [IA] {c3}


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Ok Here Is InGame Walker For Illicit Awakening [ IA ] [server's Link : http://www.iagaming.net ]

Its Very usefull for me because i can run auto my SS/Bss so i decided to share it with you

1) Download Walker http://rapidshare.com/files/95981623/walker.rar

2)Open The L2Walker.exe [like The Photo]



3) Fix The Path to fit with your l2.exe inside your c3 Client

width=640 height=480http://imageshack.gr/files/z9jf1vresv81qgsqbva3.jpg[/img]


4)After you finish The step 3 Click the Button "Run"

width=640 height=480http://imageshack.gr/files/9nzod8u7x78xhnp8hylk.jpg[/img]


Ok Thats It ..Login with your acc and you 'r done


5)How To Run Scripts

When you logged in with your char press the Button "Home" Of your keyboard

width=640 height=456http://imageshack.gr/files/rlqif6zmatra281tdsby.jpg[/img]


6)To Run a Script...Follow the instructions showed up in the picture

width=640 height=456http://imageshack.gr/files/bq6szcg7k8ow2o5k68el.jpg[/img]

Choose the Script You Want and press "Run"


7)To Configure Party Options simply follow the Instrucions of the Picture

width=640 height=456http://imageshack.gr/files/vlrcxfn66rv8rj31cjtc.jpg[/img]


Have Fun!!!

If you Have any Problem just reply here



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