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* Exp: 3000x

* SP: 3000x

* Adena: Adena is custom, economy based on Coins and adena rate is high on custom areas.

* Safe Enchant: +4

* Max Enchant: +16

* Enchant rate: 66% (Normal Scrolls), 75% (Blessed Scrolls) and 100% (Crystal Scrolls).

* Attribute Rate: 50% (stones), 30% (Crystals) and 20% (Jewels).

* Attribute Max: Level 9

* Max Buffs/Dance: 26/16


Basic Features:


* Custom leveling area from 1 to 76, custom farm and pvp areas.

* Gm Shop from D Drade to S-84 Elegia with all new Freya items.

* Global Gatekeeper (Free Service)

* Custom Npc buffer (Free Scheme buffer)

* Custom Noblesse Manager (requires 10 GB)

* Custom Epic respawn time (about 12h) and lv (82, 85)

* Custom Events and Commands.


Special Features:


* Custom Farm Areas (PvP Allowed)

* Custom Safe Area (no PvP)

* Custom Flag Zone (you will get flag there!!!)

* Visual Armor System.

* Killing Spree Pvp rewards.


Other Features:


* Donations will be available. But not overpowered.

* Skills and classes are CONSTANTLY checked and modified to improve balance.

* Skill Enchantment Max +15

* Mana potions

* Epic Jewels drops will be available only from Epic Bosses (>NOT< in GM Shop).

* Economy is based on 4 main currencies (Blue Eva, Gold Enihasad, bloody Paagrio and Silver Einhasad) and plus special currency (Mouse Coin, Festival Adena)

* Events will have a nice Reward to make them worth to play

* Evens almost every 2hs.


Enjoy The Server and Have a nice Game Play.



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