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[L2Off] C4 L2G-OldSchool


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LOLED ! This server is old and corrupted ! I won't spend any time on this server. Thanks.



noob server also admin gives items free to ''top clans'' this server is dead only 100 people online ages bettwen


yes... also someone said in this forum that an stupid GM was giving items .. but that GM targeted this guy and some items started to appear in his inventory .. LMAO facking funny server xD!

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The server will be life, if that becomes clear. replaces one of two things will be better.

getting the farm zones and man-man combat. Reward the fighters. Hair not there anybody anything for free! A new site would not be a bad idea. CaptainOwn start!



Inhumanity of man to stay!

                                    (Ady Endre)


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