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[Info]Territory Wars

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What Is a Territory War?


Unlike castle sieges, where clans lead the battles, a territory war is a PvP concept in which clanless and casual players can have an effect on the supremacy of a continent by participating as mercenaries in disputes between territories.


With the Gracia Final game update, castle ownership expanded into territory ownership. Where previously a castle was the highest form of ownership available, this facet of gameplay has been expanded to include the castle, the local town/village, and the nearby hunting grounds. The territory system fosters a complementary relationship between clans and general users, boosts economic profits, and increases the influence that both clans and casual users have in the development of the land.

Territory Components


A territory consists of a castle, the corresponding town or village, territory fortress, and hunting ground. There are presently nine existing territories:













Territory War: Battle Preparation


At the end of a castle siege, the corresponding territory automatically enters Territory War Standby status. During this time, Territory Managers and Mercenary Captains spawn.


Territory Managers: A Territory Manager NPC appears within the castle's corresponding village or town. The Territory Manager is stationed near the Manor Manager of each town. A Territory Manager sells territory-specific products that can be purchased using Territory Badges as partial currency.


Mercenary Captains: A Mercenary Captain NPC appears within the castle's corresponding village or town. The Mercenary Captain is stationed near the Manor Manager of each town. You sign up to participate in a territory war as a mercenary through the Mercenary Captain. The Mercenary Captain also offers a quest that allows a character to raise that character's mercenary rank. Mercenary Captains sell various items that can be used during a territory battle.


Proclaiming a Lord


After the territory status becomes Territory War Standby, the castle lord can start the Path to Becoming a Lord quest. Each Castle Chamberlain offers this quest.


Conditions for becoming a territory lord:


[*]All relationships between the castle and the territory fortresses (excluding the border fortress) must be neutral or have a contract status. If a fortress has claimed its independence within the territory, then the castle lord cannot be proclaimed as territory lord.

[*]The deadline to completing the Path to Becoming a Lord quest is 2 hours prior to the start of the territory war.

The following changes occur when a character becomes a territory lord:


[*]The territory lord's clan now has the ability to raise its clan level to 11.

[*]The territory lord's clan emblem is automatically registered to all NPCs residing within the territory.

[*]There is a 10% increase in the cost of seed sales and crop purchases by the Manor Managers of that territory.

The territory lord loses territory lord status when:


[*]The clan is disbanded.

[*]The lord is changed at the end of a castle siege.


Territory War Battle


Upon the completion of a castle siege, territory status is automatically given to the winning clan. The territory war begins on the designated date and time, regardless of whether the castle-owning clan leader has been declared as lord. However, only the castle-owning clans who have completed the quest can participate in the territory wars.




Territory wars occur one day before castle sieges and have the same two-week cycle.


[*]Territory wars occur on Saturday from 20:00-22:00 CT (8 p.m.-10 p.m. CT).

[*]Castle sieges occur on Sundays from 16:00-18:00 (4 p.m.-6 p.m. CT) and from 20:00-22:00 CT (8 p.m.-10 p.m. CT).


Registering to Participate


The territory war registration (and cancellation) period ends 2 hours before the battle begins.

Only characters level 40 and above who have completed their second class transfer can participate in a territory war.


Registering: The clans that own the territory castles will automatically be registered for the territory war. Anyone that is not a part of the clan that owns that territory's castle can actively register for participation through the appropriate Mercenary Captain. Any clan member who has the appropriate clan permissions can register that member's entire clan in a territory war. You do not have to be part of a clan to register. Individual participants who want to join as mercenaries must register for themselves.


Cancelling Registration: Registration can be cancelled in the same way it is requested. When you speak to a Mercenary Captain, you can use the same button for both registration and cancellation. (When you are unregistered, the button says "Merc Request," but when you are registered, the button says "Merc Cancel.")


Beginning of Territory War Battle


Once a territory war begins, the castle, the area surrounding the castle, and the territory's fortress area all become the battlefield. Any nonparticipating characters who are located in these areas are teleported away once the battle begins.


Territory Chat Channel: The territory chat channel is automatically activated 20 minutes before the beginning of battle and is automatically terminated 10 minutes after the territory war is over.


Special Territory War Buildings: The territory lord can build a headquarters or an outpost on the battlefield during a territory war. The other participating clans' leaders can build a headquarters only. When a territory war is over, all outposts and headquarters disappear.


Gates Become Attackable: Fortress and castle gates that are closed are attackable during a territory war.

Territory Ward, Supplies Safe, and Territory Catapult Placement: Territory Wards, Supplies Safes, and a Territory Catapult for each territory appear (spawn). The Territory Ward and Supplies Safe can be found inside each castle. The Territory Catapult is found in the territory fortress.


Battle Rules


Basic rules for a territory war are similar to the rules for a castle siege: Participants are divided according to enemies, friendly forces, and nonaffiliated forces. Each participating territory has its own territory icon, which helps differentiate between friendly and enemy forces.


Enemy Forces: Enemies are registered clans and mercenaries of different territories. Clan members who belong to different territories automatically become enemies of each other once a territory war begins.

Friendly Forces: Friendly forces include clan members who belong to the same territory, other registered clans of the same territory, and registered mercenaries.


Nonaffiliated Forces: Any characters who are not registered in the territory war are considered nonaffiliated. Nonaffiliated forces bear no icon above their head during the war.


Attacking: Force attack (Ctrl + Left-click) is not needed while on a battlefield during a territory war. Upon targeting an enemy, your cursor will automatically become the sword icon related to regular monsters. AOE skills affect all enemy and nonaffiliated forces on the battlefield. Friendly forces cannot be attacked.


Player Kills: PK (player kill) counts do not apply while on the battlefield. There is no PK penalty because the clan battle status is maintained even when enemies go outside of the battlefield.

Leaving the Battlefield Area: Any registered character that leaves the battlefield area during a territory war is flagged (purple) for 120 seconds.

Death: When a registered character dies on the battlefield during a territory war, it does not incur a loss of experience points or item drops. If a nonaffiliated (unregistered) character dies on the battlefield, it incurs the same experience point penalty as is received for dying by PvP on a general field. Any characters that are registered in the territory war have the option of restarting in a residence district within a castle, the first village, a headquarters, or an outpost.




The HP/MP recovery rate for all friendly forces located near an outpost increases by 100%.


Building an Outpost: The territory lord can build an outpost during a territory war. Only one outpost can be constructed at a time. It costs 30 MP and 120 B-grade gemstones to build an outpost.

Demolishing or Destroying an Outpost: The territory lord can also demolish its outpost, thus allowing the lord to move the outpost at will during the territory war. Each construction attempt costs the same amount as building the outpost the first time. Other characters cannot destroy an outpost.

Territory Wards and Catapults


Territory Wards: Once a territory war begins, territory wards are placed inside each castle.


After you destroy an opposing castle's territory ward, the ward is immediately equipped on your character. The location of the character that has a territory ward equipped is shown on the mini map. Once a territory ward is equipped on your character, you must make your way to your territory's outpost and use the Capture Ward skill. This places the ward inside your territory's castle.


After a territory war ends, the ownership of a territory ward returns to the original castle when a character has a ward equipped but the ward hasn't yet been placed in the capturing castle, or when the ward is lying unclaimed on the ground.


Any wards successfully taken from other territories remain in the castle that captured it until the next territory war. If a castle loses its ward, it must wait until the next territory war to attempt to take it back.


After a territory war, owners of each territory ward can be found through Map -> World Info -> Territory War Info. The territory icons next to each clan denote who possesses which wards.


Territory Catapults: When a territory war begins, the territory catapult spawns in the first territory fortress. (The first territory fortress is designated with a blue flag on your map.) Enemies can attack the territory catapult. When the territory catapult is destroyed, all the castle defense NPCs and all defense functions of this castle disappear, and all its castle gates open.




All territory war participants, with the exception of castle-owning clan members, are guaranteed their anonymity in a territory battle through the use of Disguise Scrolls and Mercenary Transformation Scrolls.

Disguise Scrolls: In order to maintain individual anonymity, characters registered as mercenaries can purchase a Disguise Scroll from the Territory Manager. When used, a Disguise Scroll changes the character's name to "Guardian" in preparation for the territory battle. The name of the territory a mercenary is fighting for appears before the word "Guardian." For example: If you are a mercenary fighting for Aden Castle, using a Disguise Scroll changes your name to "Aden Guardian."


Character names displayed in chat and combat system messages are also changed. However, your original character name is displayed in trade windows and private messages.


Time of Use and Duration: You can use a Disguise Scroll between 20 minutes prior to the start of the territory war and 10 minutes after the territory war ends. Once used, each Disguise Scroll lasts for 30 minutes. The changed name is maintained even if you die or disconnect.


Constraints: You cannot create a private store (to buy or sell) or create a dwarven workshop while using a Disguise Scroll. Chaotic characters (including characters who have a cursed sword) and Olympiad participants cannot use Disguise Scrolls during a territory war.


Mercenary Transformation Scrolls: All territory war participants can purchase a Mercenary Transformation Scroll from the Mercenary Captain. However, the only characters that may use these scrolls are those that are registered participants that are not a part of the clan that owns the territory castle.


By completing the Path to Becoming a Mercenary quest, you receive an Elite Mercenary Certificate. This certificate allows you to purchase a wider variety of items through the Mercenary Captain.


Mercenary Disguise Scrolls have the same function as Disguise Scrolls. However, you can choose among a variety of mercenaries with different skills when you use them.


Time of Use and Duration: You can use a Mercenary Transformation Scroll starting 20 minutes before the start of the territory war. The mercenary transformation lasts for 30 minutes. The transformation is maintained even if you die or disconnect during the war.


Constraints: When a character has been transformed by a Mercenary Transformation Scroll and is in a party, neither the mercenary nor the other party members can accumulate Exp or SP. However, the mercenary can still acquire Fame Points. Chaotic characters (including characters who have a cursed sword) and Olympiad participants cannot use a Mercenary Transformation Scroll during a territory war.


After a Territory War


When the territory war ends, each participant receives territory-specific badges that can be used to purchase items, the territory wards despawn, and Territory Benefactions are applied to the ward owners.


Territory-Specific Rewards


Each of the nine territories has an associated special territory skill associated to its territory ward. These skills are called Territory Benefactions. Each of these Benefactions has associated eamskill effects listed below:


Aden Territory Benefaction         DEX +1/MEN +1

Dion Territory Benefaction          DEX +1/WIT +1

Giran Territory Benefaction        STR +1/MEN +1

Gludio Territory Benefaction       STR +1/INT +1

Goddard Territory Benefaction    DEX +1/INT +1

Innadril Territory Benefaction     CON +1/INT +1

Oren Territory Benefaction          CON +1/MEN +1

Rune Territory Benefaction          STR +1/WIT +1

Schuttgart Territory Benefaction  CON +1/WIT +1


The territory wards are only visible (spawned) when a territory war is in progress, and after a territory war ends, they despawn. When a territory war ends, all clan members of the castle-owning clan (excluding academy members) receive the Benefactions of all the wards that a territory holds in its castle. For example, if the lord of Aden is able to acquire territory wards for Aden, Rune, and Giran, all clan members associated with Aden castle gain the Aden, Rune, and Giran Territory Benefactions. If the leader of a clan (the clan lord) changes, the wards owned by the clan do not change.


The Benefactions of each ward persist until a new territory war starts. The territory wards remain in the same castle where they were at the end of the previous territory war ended. For example, if the lord of Aden lost his territory ward to the lord of Dion at the end of one territory war, the Aden territory ward would begin the next territory war in Dion castle. Ownership of each territory ward can be found through Map -> World Info-> Territory War Info. The territory icons next to each clan denote who possesses which wards.


Special Territory Products


Any characters that participate in a territory war can purchase the following special products (per territory) through a Territory Manager. Each item sold by the Territory Manager costs both Adena and a certain amount of Territory Badges. These badges are obtained through participation in a territory war.


Items with Failure Chances on Opening: Opening a Territory Supply Box or attempting to unseal a pin or pouch has a chance of failure.


Belts, Pouches, and Pins: You can combine a belt with a pouch or pin or break the seal on a pouch or pin through a Weaver NPC (located near the warehouses in Aden and Rune).

Cloak Restrictions: Only characters with Knight rank and above can wear a cloak. In order to wear a cloak, you must be part of a castle-owning clan and be equipped with a full set of Vesper Noble or Dynasty armor.

Items Sold by Territory Managers




Items Sold by Castle Chamberlains or Mercenary Captains




Territory Badges


Territory badges are acquired through a Territory Manager after completing a quest offered during a territory war. This quest is automatically assigned to all registered participants who are online during the time when the territory war occurs. Review the quest information through the World Info portion of your map or by visiting an Adventure Guildsman.


Acquiring Noblesse Rank


A character can now become a Noblesse through one of the Territory Managers, regardless of whether that character has a subclass or not. Doing this costs a specific amount of Territory Badges.


Quests and Rewards Exclusive for Territories


You can receive various rewards, including experience points and SP, through completing territory war exclusive quests.

All credits go to Official Source and Finito for bringing it at MaxCheaters.com
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