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  1. ESET NOD 32 report virus. that report has also in the l2dreams official website .... my eset block entry atm also .... file: rpl.html or somethink like this
  2. Anti-bot Capatcha add ! Now l2net bla bla bla cant write captchas coz it dont use client files !
  3. Join Now ! Make yr history righ now in Lineage II CarpeDiem. Best PvP Server. LvL 85 is in some minutes !
  4. its Freya High Five Part 5 ==== i will fix errors soon ... let me take my new mac thx :)
  5. Next Update in some hours. all problems will be fixed
  6. SVN Problems fixed, report all bugs. Thx for the ppls has waiting for that
  7. Knipex is a ripper !! dont steal codes from other ppls .... credits to : Phear .3d ! without them u never got that codes dude
  8. if u dont like l2jEND pls leave im the the others. PS: Stop spam marwan , coz it is a trying to talk posts for acess other posts Blocked u are crying for one changset ?? and on the same day i have made 6 changs on it ...cmon
  9. new SVN has great ... wth u think guys ? -.- update yr svn's right now !
  10. i just active one mod, the cutom CB Extreme coz many ppl got problems witch that
  11. I'm work for fun ...and quit l2 why? coz i close old svn and re-upload all data ? rly?
  12. soon i will fix evry bugs on it, just wait pls -.-