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  1. L2 DaVinci L2 da Vinci is a low rate server with a special enchanting system.This server is dedicated to everyone who dreamed of high enchanted weapons to be independent of others. Therefore you can enchant items to 65535. The scrolls have a succes rate of 98% which results into luckily get +++ enchanted items. The risk is real and you will break your items propably much earlier as you think ;) Moreover you have to farm alot to get the needed scrolls. Therefore I added custom spots to spoil and open treasure chests. If I attracted your attention feel free to join my journey. Server Open : 21th of May at 19:00 GMT+2 Website: Facebook: Rates: XP/SP : 8x Party XP/SP: 1.5x Drop: 10x Adena: 10x Spoil: 10x Manor Drop: 20x Quest Drop: 50x Quest Adena:50x Quest XP/SP: 50x Enchants: Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +65535 Enchant Scroll Chance: 98% Crystal Enchant Scroll Chance: 100% (you can get them from vote) General Features: COMMON ENCHANT SCROLLS 98% BLESSED ENCHANT SCROLLS 98% WITH EXTRA 24 MAX ENCHANT CRYSTAL SCROLLS 100 % WITHOUT ENCHANT LIMITATION MAX ENCHANT 65535 GM BUFFER WITH 2H DURATION GM TELEPORTER GM SHOP FOR MATS AND RECS TILL S80 CUSTOM AUTOMATED EVENT ENGINE CUSTOM COMMUNITY BOARD WITH WH, BUFFER & INGAME VOTE SYSTEM CUSTOM AREAS CUSTOM COLORED SYSTEM MESSAGES CUSTOM WEAPON GLOWING EFFECTS CUSTOM SERVICE NPCS CUSTOM ANNOUNCES NO RAID PENALTY GRAND BOSS RESPAWN TIME: 12+-2 HOURS GRAND BOSS STRENGTH 133% BLUE SPOIL/DROP PERMANENT HEAVY MEDAL EVENT MANA POTS WITH 1000 RECHARGE 7S DELAY BOM AND MOM IN GIRAN NON QUEST RESTRICTED ANTI BOT SYSTEM CAPTCHA CODE
  2. if you whant some ppl on serv make something new not another 20x serv ...make a 30-40x serv with full npc buffer pot with reuse ..etc ...ppl need a server more faster and focused on pvp ,we are bored of 20x serv bcs all are the same .tnx and sry for my english
  3. L2 MULTISKILLS WEB: WWW.L2MULTISKILLS.COM ADMIN: SOEN. OPENING: 21/04/2013. <-------------------------------------------------/ Server Information /-------------------------------> RATES Xp – 2x Sp – 0.5x Drop – 5x Spoil – 10x Adena – 5x Quests – 10x Fame – 1x Olympiad – 1x ENCHANT INFORMATION Safe Item Enchant: +4 Enchant rate – 66% Item Enchant: Unlimited Element Stone Rate: 50% Element Crystal Rate: 30% Element Jewels Rate: 10% OLYMPIAD Olympiad period – 2 weeks. Olympiad Min Players: 2 Classed, 2 Non-Classed. Olympiad Min Players Party: 2 party. BUFF INFORMATION Max Buff Amount: No limit Max Dance Amount: No limit All 20 minute buffs extended to 1 Hour. All clan hall buffs extended to 1 hours. All 40 minute buffs extended to 1 Hours. All 5-10 minute skills that can be used without interruption extended to 1 Hours. All Dances/Songs/ other 2 minute skills that can be used without interruption extended to 1 Hours. Scrolls, potions, and similar type buffs were not extended. CHARACTER LIMITS Max Run Speed: No Limit. Max PCrit Rate: No Limit. Max MCrit Rate: No Limit. Max PAtk Speed: No Limit. Max MAtk Speed: No Limit. Max Evasion: No Limit. Max Subclass: 3 Max Subclass Level: 85 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Multiskills option – LEARN ANY SKILL FROM ANY CLASS. Auto learn YOUR CLASS ONLY skills. Vitality – Optional by vote reward. Class change – Free/No quest. Subclass – No quest Starting level – 1 Lv. Fully working Raidbosses. Fully working Grandbosses. Fully working Offline trading and crafting. Fully working Sieges. Fully working Auto Events. Fully working Augmentation. Fully working Augmentation skills. NEW OPTION JEWERLY 15% GET SKILL TOO Global Olympiad. 7 Signs Teleporter Global GateKeeper Auto Drop Loot: On Auto Raid Drop Loot: Off Player’s Spawn Protect: 30 seconds Delevel dont decrease skills level also ! Dwarfs has 150 inventory slots, others 150 too. Expanded private buy and sell shops by default. Champion mobs 20+ lvl x5 all rates and rewards. SuperChampion mobs 40+ lvl x10 all rates and rewards. Auto vote events system – 13 events. Few passive events: Glittering Medalls Event. Yoguis enchant staff event, etc …. Account controll panel on website to vote and recive rewards daily. AUTO EVENTS Deathmatch Domination Double Domination Last Man Standing Lucky Chests Simon Says Team vs Team Zombie Capture The Flag Russian Roulette Bomb Fight Mutant Battlefield P.S I-m not admin/gm
  4. same problem ...i can`t log in ...protocol version error ( ban IP i think )check it pls,and enable registration on forum