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  1. L2 DaVinci L2 da Vinci is a low rate server with a special enchanting system.This server is dedicated to everyone who dreamed of high enchanted weapons to be independent of others. Therefore you can enchant items to 65535. The scrolls have a succes rate of 98% which results into luckily get +++ enchanted items. The risk is real and you will break your items propably much earlier as you think ;) Moreover you have to farm alot to get the needed scrolls. Therefore I added custom spots to spoil and open treasure chests. If I attracted your attention feel free to join my journey. Server Open : 2
  2. if you whant some ppl on serv make something new not another 20x serv ...make a 30-40x serv with full npc buffer pot with reuse ..etc ...ppl need a server more faster and focused on pvp ,we are bored of 20x serv bcs all are the same .tnx and sry for my english
  3. L2 MULTISKILLS WEB: WWW.L2MULTISKILLS.COM ADMIN: SOEN. OPENING: 21/04/2013. <-------------------------------------------------/ Server Information /-------------------------------> RATES Xp – 2x Sp – 0.5x Drop – 5x Spoil – 10x Adena – 5x Quests – 10x Fame – 1x Olympiad – 1x ENCHANT INFORMATION Safe Item Enchant: +4 Enchant rate – 66% Item Enchant: Unlimited Element Stone Rate: 50% Element Crystal Rate: 30% Element Jewels Rate: 10% OLYMPIAD Olympiad period – 2 weeks. Olympiad Min Players: 2 Classed, 2 Non-Classed. Olympiad Min Players
  4. same problem ...i can`t log in ...protocol version error ( ban IP i think )check it pls,and enable registration on forum