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  1. orm


    omg why do i have -2 karma? what i did? make no sance
  2. loled-----yes there is....just go and google it lol i used 1 but it never worked:p
  3. http://www.maxbastards.gr/forum/index.php?topic=2088.0 here you go
  4. so bad Hlapex dont work soo for me is this usseles:( anyway n1 if i make server:)
  5. almost inposible to bot on that server:/
  6. yo i have strange snifffer codes.... Command: m‹;_#€"eqqa#Žs-âC<e ‰7=áe ? wtf ? it shoud be like this "npc_xxxx_change_class"
  7. nutting.... u just see L2 logo for few sec and then its GONE !!
  8. hi, iam looking for some BUGs/Exploits/hlapex/and so on thinks..... server is c4 off thx for any help
  9. can i seee with it if Treasure box is fake or not?