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  1. Pedia exei kanenas na m pei ena site p mporw na katebasw keylogger kai na to stilw me msn se allon kai na blepw psw tou?enas mlkas mou eklepse to acnt ston ES etsi kai thelw na parw ekdikish tora
  2. kaneis na to kanei upload?
  3. Xmm ye but which file of all?in the folger that there is the keylogger got many files.and if i put it in a folder dont the other player see that is keylogger?
  4. i mean i got tha program but how i send it to some1?
  5. i downloaded actual keylogger.anyone can post a guide or smth how to use it?i mean i send it to the person that i want to steal and then??
  6. Ok ty.i dont think google is good coz the keylogger maybe will have virus or smth
  7. Hi,can some1 tell me a site where i can download keylogger safe and then i can send it to other ppl to see their acnts?