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  1. Sério amiguinho? Você teve tanta criatividade para fazer essa acusação? Ainda das files desse painel não está completa você ta sendo capaz de argumentar e acusar uma coisa que não tem sentindo algum? Não sabe o que é termos ainda? Caraca tenho dó de você pobre criança indefesa.
  2. Olá caros amigos, eu utilizo e recomendo o painel, e sites da atualstudio no qual sempre foram capazes de fazer o melhor para o cliente, não estou aqui para encher a bola da empresa, apenas estou dizendo a verdade que é muito dificil de encontrar uma empresa competente e sabia do assunto como designer "lineage2" mas o topico sobre o painel ele está desatualizado e faltando arquivos, então amigo, você diz que não recebe suporte da empresa? então vai fica sem suporte para o resto da vida no qual você concordou com os termos de responsabilidade: link da img termos: Não é
  3. For being l2off should be good but having a site rip I have there my doubts hahahaha I was looking here look at the original site: Still we see this in lineage 2 unfortunately hahahahaha
  4. Hello I'm looking for a programmer to create a vote mod for a top of l2. Someone interested to leave skype below. Thank you.
  5. I would have some correction about it?
  6. my project is not stopped, and as a basis of greatly improved frozen in terms of mods, bugs, and balancing himself, so I'm saying, is missing something in the mod, but not from me but yours.But it did work properly, it is not everyone who uses one acis of life, but there are people who have the intelligence to do a much better design O0
  7. Did not edit any html, the boy ai forum adapted to correct frozen? I picked up the code and added correctly. Follow the links of the images below: When I click on the npc: When click the pk: When click the online: -> When I click the back pk and click the pvp it shows: Good bug it is only when you click the NPC which is the first picture I sent. Good've tried to think about it but got no success, then saw topic ask the owner if you have any solution? If you have
  8. I do not know whether the error is in the java or html, because when I click on the npc it appears the code of html example% pvplist%, but if you click on the PK it will be normal nicknames of the players, but you clicking again in PVP, appears normal, the only problem yourself and when you first click on the npc. - obs: sorry for my english because I am using translator.
  9. If you see the new web site of the server ta almost ready, need more votes in the top 200 could someone help?
  10. Yes I will fix everything, can disclose the will that this time it will be too!
  11. I will make the following modifications to friends: I'll change databases, angels, and demons, I'll change the maps, I'll tidy up the classes, leave more possible balanced, seedlings of gm shop, images by a teleport npc to players of every faccoes to neighboring bases teleports to take the grid penalty S any player could use any grid, I'll leave the cheapest prices of sets weapons and jewels, and let Dye free for beginners! And the new site LA2 KAIN this being finished with the Administrative Panel for players! Wait!
  12. Geodata pathnode were friends and placed more I know that has several things to be tidy, I speak what I make the changes?