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  1. Corrupted server, dont even think to try it on. Here's a proof for which i got instantly banned or maybe its not a ban but after i made a thread about this in about 3-4 minutes site/forums cannot be loaded but ingame players said that they can access to site and forums but w/e, here's a proof. I was waiting for that guy while he didnt saw me (MiniDwarf) to low down health of raid boss and BOOM, raid instantly died while he had about 30-35% hp as u can see health bar wasnt got affected but the raid is dead. Before this happened, this guy was actually answering to me, but after this he just stf
  2. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/186900-othell-ghost-hunter-on-official-bartz-server/ But its male character, maybe you'll be interested.
  3. As the title says, i'm selling character at officials, for pretty good price. Info's: Main is 87 and a half level, geared in twilight set with apocalypse dagger +4 150. Have got some extra's, easier to do screen and show everything i got there, for those who's interested. Got Iss Spectral Dancer as dual class which is 85lvl, no gears for it so far, most likely used to help up new players to enjoy the game. Got 2 more subs maxed to 80. Nobless character ofcourse, got all sub-class certifications, most likely to boost main's damage dealing. Feel free to ask anything you want here or
  4. Well that's what system told when i was trying to send u a message
  5. The member Napster321 cannot receive any new messages
  6. Selling character Othell Ghost Hunter lvl88 equiped in Twilight set, Apoc dagger +4 Haste 150 att, dual iss blade dancer 85lvl, 2 subs both lvl 80. Interested only in real life money, no trades or anything in such way.