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  1. no i tried them they dont work could any one plz help me?
  2. Hi guys iv searched for a way to get C6 token but i cant find any post on how to get it could any one help me and tell me how and every one els who needs to know thanks
  3. whats the rates ont his server and about population
  4. is there a way to instead og oing back to town to go to HQ?
  5. srry i posted this is wrong section plz move it
  6. Hi im looking for a program that can change a static IP and can be used to change my IP for l2 servers, i have looked and searched the forums i saw a cuple posts on this, but the posts were pritty old and the programs they had linked didnt work. if u have a program that can do this plz help me and post a link to it.
  7. what server were u on in this i like there weapon glows
  8. man idk if people see this i dont want my accounts hacked
  9. is thier a IG walker that works for C6 atm iv been gone for so long form l2 and now im back just wondering if thier a working bypass and stuff for C6 if so can u tell me what versions i need and maybe links