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  1. I used to own server before 10 years but because of work i stopped it ! Now i want start again new server i have the idea but i want someone to make it like i will ask on a source file that is stable to run !
  2. sry for the downtime now we are back online
  3. blessed scroll added on shop! thank you.
  4. do not comment before you try. the enchant is too easy . you can make +30 without blessed easy :)
  5. sry for double posting but ive just saw your post. now im working on adena zone because the previous one was bugged. i will add soon a new adena zone :) about the tattoos you dont need to w8 a week but as i told and on my previous post server opened yesterday and our community is low atm. have a good night and thank you :)
  6. wings dont give extra status so its not a problem if you dont farm it. also in 1 minute you can farm 300 coins. about the vote reward i think its ok but server just opened and our votes are not so active. but be sure that our community will be soon stronger. also i made lot of test and i think Max weapon +30 with armors +20 are quite balance. thank you for joining and posting the problems that you think need to be sovled. have a good night :)
  7. wings + special shields added. blessed rate 90% just give a try :)
  8. i think 30 is quite good for a pvp server
  9. thnx wheres the problem with the max +30?
  10. Welcome To L2DreamCity NetWork Server Info: Safe : +6 Max Weapon : +30 Max jewels : +20 Max Armor : +20 Xp/Sp Rate : x3000 Dynasty Weapons Dynasty Armors Farm Zones PvP Zones Farm Peacefull Zones Friendly Gms Easy Farm Quite Balanced New PvP Evolution Retail Olympiad Retail Sieges 50 Buff slots Buffer With All Buffs Wings Special Shields And More.... So? What are you waiting for? Join Us... We Are trying to provide The Best Interlude Server Website: www.l2dreamcity.com Forum : www.l2dreamcity.com/forum See you In Game