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  1. Description A gather bot organizes and manages Counter-Strike 1.6 matches with the minimum human involvement. Features: - Just add yourself to a gather by typing “!add”. - Player number can be changed from the standard 10 so people can play aim maps or else on the non-peak times. - Detailed statistics both on IRC and php page. - Advanced ban system to keep out abusers from your room. - Automatically detects and sets in-game names according to their IRC nicknames. - Keeps out from the server people that have not been added to the gather even if they know the password, probably from a friend. - mySQL database so you can rely on it on high-demand situations. - In-Game management from team swapping at the end of the 1st phase to score calculating and flame detection, which makes it much easier for the admin to play and enjoy its game. - Much more, only around 13% was mentioned above. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?90sq62blsg4ehbv Credits: Atlantean Site: http://www.aimilios.org