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  1. Hello, I'm pretty new with creating websites and I'm willing to learn a lot but I think I need some guidance. I'm looking to make a website with account management. So players could change they lineage password or use they character info. Any suggestions where to look first? Any guides? What about donation systems? Do I need just to connect to main l2 mysql database or it's a lot more complicated ? What about security? I know that some questions might sound stupid but like I said I'm lacking of knowledge and hoping you can guide to the right path. Thank you
  2. Hello, I'm looking what's good on market for interlude mid rate server. Must be stable and possible to test it. Would be nice if it would have donate, vip, vote systems. Can be clean as long as it is balanced and with working options for upgrades. Let me know your prices and what you have to offer with (if possible) links to server to test them. Thank you