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  1. yes i understand now how it works, sadly its out of my league to do something like that. All i can do is share the .TGA files from both .utx and maybe someone find the time to create something good.
  2. thb im more interest to combine NPHRN_LET.utx and LineageEffectsTextures.utx (that have pre-installed some icons like cancel, barrier, etc) my knowledge is limited but i've reached a milestone so far and the only prob i face atm is that your icons dont appear but from LET they work fine. I work on skillgrp.dat atm and im at dead end! :) Edit: Lets say about Guts i use your icon: NPHRN_skill.phenomenon.267 for Divine protection i use: br_event_015_05 for example (from the other .utx) Can 2 .utx run at same time?
  3. well I used all versions as they are, all of them critical error client before open
  4. would you mind to post about counterattack? i use it as you mentioned on your post but nothing appear on top of the head http://imgur.com/a/J8u4k