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  1. wts 41b - 7e discord : Maleik#6647
  2. WTS HERO CHAR (still no hero weapon) around 35k golden apiga 28k festival 84 vote coin,2k+ event , 18b,lot of augments,some skins that worth 30b can change email ig skype : carlospiterpan
  3. Hello guys,i have this problem for some time ago and i dont know how to fix it,i watched lot of youtube videos and webs, but i still cant manage to fix it,it happens in some servers and not in others. Here is the error photo,thanks in advance, https://gyazo.com/185cacc5a3b05b4c73d71885986fed38
  4. Items: SET Vorpal Light +6 1800 ( PvP ) Vesper Nagan +6 Health 300 Foundation ( Almost PvP ) Top Belt PvP Skill attack +6 T-shirt HP +6 Cloak Of Freya Earring Of Zaken, Vesper Earring, Necklace Of Frintezza, Vorpal Rings. All 3rd skills are +15. Others are +20-25 except AOE. 3 subclasses and noblesse. Add me on Skype if you need more info: sespena
  5. main yul ghost sentinel 100 lvl dual class wyn 95 lvl premium acount 15 days left 50k pa pts apocalypse thrower +4 300 2 sa's 1lvl 4 1 lvl 5 fire/speed fire ruby lvl 3 emerald lvl 3 brooch 3 slot 20k mentee marks venir talisman lvl 6 200 daily coin 100kk adena some bewr/beas from agathion skype: carlospiterpan
  6. 99 30% 12 AP Iss Hierophant (Mystic immunity saved) dual SK SoS 93 2x 80 subs Noble 30k PA points Prestige and Eva 30day runes in wh to sell 150k mentee marks HB 8k and Hat quest done Skype: wtscharl2
  7. 99 Tyrr Dreadnought (kamael),subclass doomcryer 80 Noble,5 ability points,4k hb items 17% Premium Acc 14 Days (on others char 1 BEWR/BEAS,some shadoe enchant) 200% rune 24 Days + Prestige rune Paulina Set 15 days Shadow stormer +3 150 Ruby lvl 3,Diamond 1 and like 20 la vie en rose different broochs Some materials/ 23 EAR,6 EWR, 2 BEWR,shadow shooter,buster,slasher,45 elcyum power 32k mentee mark 200kk adena,twilight gaiters drop (selling everything +/- 850kk) skype: carlospiterpan SOLD
  8. Set Vorpal Ligth +8/9 120 att,Cloak Hero Black,Belt pvp Physical Attack+6-,Skull Carnium Bow +8 300 ATT FOCUS,B.ZAken +8 ,QA +8,Frintezza +8,Earring elegia +8 , Ring elegia +8,shirt +6,Badass Cap(event hat) CHEAP money first,we can do it slowly if u dont trust :) skype : javier_arreolar
  9. x3 Elegia robe set +6 120 Vorpal robe set +6 120 Belt pvp defense +6 1800 Mouse Coin elegia ring +6 150b EPICS x2 Antharas earring +6 +10 x2 Valakas Neck +6 +10 x2 Beleth ring+6 baium +6 Blessed zaken +10 skype : carlospiterpan
  10. 80+B stock 40 Donation Coin 360 gcm Set vesper noble robe found +6 120 rising star vesper caster+8 300 fire acu vesper caster +7 300 wind acu Belt pvp skill attack / pvp defense +6 90 bews 30 beas Only paypal skype : adena.l2 (Peter Pan name) [Español] Puedo hablar también en español [Español]
  11. Hello, I'm selling this main account because I don't play anymore and I'm having economy issues so I need the money and as you could read the topic title, it has 96 champs, 39 skins and 13 runes pages with tons of runes. I've sold accounts already in this site as you can see in my profile, if you need any type of information or want to talk with me scroll down and get my skype. Here are the conditions: 1. I'm not going first and payment will be through paypal and you need to have your email verified. 2. Once you make the payment and I receive the money, I'm giving all the details and all the