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  1. Ok now that u surrendered i will stop but 60 pplz is good and my opinion dont matter?btw i said i will stop.. Have fun and nice day
  2. Look smart guy u remind me some stupid kids in the past that were reporting their enemies servers in ncsoft coz they had more ppl...Yes i downloaded the patches of the half servers and played them for 2 min coz they sucks like yours...so gtfo retard.The others that i idnt downloaded< i did it coz i saw thei feautures imo,why i should play them if i see they have custom items???again stfu and go play pacman!
  3. Forgot to say about clans etc:there are a lot of clans there and the competition is growing more and more every day!
  4. :O server seems really good i will join for sure
  5. I started posting to all the servers that really dont worth to play-i give my opinion and i think thats not spam mrdemon. @Pokemon jwls was sarcasm if u can understand it....but it seems u cant sry
  6. U forgot to add pokemon jwls imo
  7. I saw a nigga having gm status but i saw only speed he could have 300+ and its impossible his name was like Gir0Zk4ri or something like this
  8. Excellent server,something new in l2 unlees its l2j but the 99% of them are boring andf this is an exception i think:D
  9. Im the kid or you?Facts are speaking by theirself about ur server dnt be pathetic
  10. This is called amazing project.????Oh c'mon give me a break!Maybe u worked hard but by the feautures show that server's decisions made in 5 min so....
  11. Nothing else expected the enhcants rates-colors+some custom sh1t ruined server
  12. Server is really good feautures rates community BUT there are 50 stupid kids pking new players wtf
  13. I think its the only1 interantional c4 retail server but i wonder why it hasnt a lot of ppl when there are more than 1k who want old good times:/
  14. Server is still alive???i joined before some days but i saw yellow and pink weapon colors=fail:S