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  1. Hello guys... I just wanted to ask you about l2 walker time cards... A friend of mine told me that i have to pay to use l2 walker on official servers (using a time card)... He told me that if i don't buy a time card l2walker sends something like a message to server's database and they can catch you using walker and ban you... Any ideas? do i have to buy a time card or not? thanks in advance!
  2. I have also A Grade - S Grade Sets, S Grade Jewels and Epics... Send me a private message for more info :D --- SOLD /lock
  3. Super Share ;D Μπράβο ΠΑΙΔΙΑ!
  4. I was trying out also to find the solution but i get the same messages... When someone has time please post which files do we open to run it properly :) thanks in advance...
  5. How Can I Set My Char Heal/Buff/Recharge on L2.Net (361 Version)? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi guys :) i botted on L2Reloaded (Hellbound), yesterday they made an update... After that when i try to log in i couldn't it says "Logging" and nothing :S, when i replace the files again (with server's updarer) i can log but without L2Walker! Any ideas? If someone finds something u can freely pm me. Bye!
  7. Hello guys, i was just wondering if there is a way to bot on l2max.com! The problem is that when i log with walker my char freezes after several seconds :S i cannot move, hit, send message... Any ideas? thanks in advance...
  8. The Answer Is Simple... 1) C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc ---> Change The File "Hosts" That Way! localhost vip.tt2xz.com vip1.tt2xz.com vip2.tt2xz.com vip3.tt2xz.com vip4.tt2xz.com vip5.tt2xz.com vip6.tt2xz.com vip7.tt2xz.com vip.towalker.com vip1.towalker.com vip2.towalker.com vip3.towalker.com vip4.towalker.com vip5.towalker.com vip6.towalker.com vip7.towalker.com L
  9. They don't ban u immediately... Ok u will see when they will check server's logs... U will get caught!
  10. He is absolutely right i am afraid... They can detect it yes it's true don't risk it :(