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  1. i would like to ask how i can open 2 servers in one . i have create another hexid for the second server and when i open the second gameserver it shows me that the ip is already used
  2. How I can see my location so I can use it as spawn at gatekeeper ? I don’t remember the command
  3. can someone tell me where in the system patch i can change these information at login? https://ibb.co/Zg3NQkJ
  4. open new database on navicat mysql i go then to backup , i click restore backup and i cant find the psc file on my pc ok i find what i did wrong solved
  5. nothing happens because the file is .psc .. i dont know maybe because i have mysql navicat and not the premium
  6. how i can restore a backup on navicat that is a .psc file ? (dont say to change it to .sql because nothing happens on navicat)
  7. now as i see i dont have error at loginserver but at gameserver take a look pls https://ibb.co/RvTP5pQ
  8. ναι αλλα δεν με βοηθας στο πως να το φτιαξω ...
  9. i tried to open with another pack and i have these results https://ibb.co/qRbHzhd
  10. hello everyone .. i need some help here https://ibb.co/RvTP5pQ
  11. you are the best thank you i did a restart of sql there at administative tools and it fixed thank you really