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  1. Hello, I whant to introuce NEW EPILOGUE MID RATES (x50) CRAFT/PVP SERVER La2Core.com! LIVE SERVER STARTS AT 2013.03.16 16.00H GTM +2! Good server accessible for everyone - these five words describe La2Core Epilogue server perfectly. Be prepared for astonishing performance and new interesting features. You will earn this and more if you will choose La2Core Epilogue server! By working on this project for years, we managed to reach optimal gameplay with balanced skills, economics and other major elements. Server website: http://la2core.com Server rates: XP X50 SP X50 Adena X50 Drop Items X25 Drop Spoil X25 Drop RaidBoss X15 Drop RaidBoss Jewelery X1 Drop Quests X10 Quest Reward X5 Drop Fish X5 Manor X5 Max. Enchant amount 16 Enchant Scroll 66% Bless Enchant 66% Server features: Full GM shop till A grade items. (With potions and etc). All server function added to community command (alt+B). (Buffer, Shop, Profession manager and etc). Scheme Buffer to make character schemes and buff more easily. Buff slots (24 + 4 for Divine Inspiration, 12 slots for Dance / Song buffs) Optimized server core who is designed to hold big amount of online players. All locations updated(spawn list, drop list, NPC characteristics) to Epilogue. Realized Masterwork items and their bonuses. Realized PvP items and their bonuses. Working Forts and Forts functions. Working Territory war. Working castle and fort siege. Unique AI system for Epics and Monsters. Delusion Chamber. Working Hellbound. Full working olympiad and new type of olympiad games 3vs3. Full working transfmormations. Work flying transformations. Shuttle flying ships. Clan flying ships. Politic Forst and Castles system (opportunity for Forst make treats with Castles). Collection of Attribute stone. Champion monsters. Instances: Steel Citadel: Base Tower - Retail like 100% Steel Citadel: Tower of Infinitum - Retail like 100% Steel Citadel: Tully's WorkShop - Retail like 100% Steel Citadel: Tower of Naia - Retail like 100% Steel Citadel: Core of Naia (realized manager of boss Epidos) - Retail like 100% Steel Citadel: realized manager of boss Beleth - Retail like 100% Realized manager of epic boss Ekimus - Retail like 100% Seed of Destruction Seed of Infinity Palaika - Song of Ice and Fire Palaika - Devil's Legacy Palaika - Injured Dragon Dark Cloud Mansion Crystal Caverns Nornil's Garden Fortress Dungeon Castle Dungeon and etc. Full working: Kamaloka Hall of the Abyss, Kamaloka Labyrinth of the Abyss, Kamaloka Hall of the Nightmare. MORE INFORMATION: http://la2core.com/?p=info
  2. Dear, players After server start we seen that you wasnt intrested in server so much, for sure its our faul, because there was many servers start in same period. So we decided to START SERVER AGAIN AT 2013.02.15 17.00H GTM +2. Server will be wiped for clean start! Now everything depends on you, only you can decide where to play, we offer YOU high quality server without bugs, corruption, rational donate and good Administration. Some information about server: + Account registration via GAME CP! + Antharas and Valakas wont be spawned on start, all other epic bosses will be alive! + Barakel respawn time 6 hours. + Dual box allowed. Server website: http://www.l2play.eu Server information Server rates XP X50 SP X50 Adena X50 Drop Items X25 Drop Spoil X25 Drop RaidBoss X5 Drop RaidBoss Jewelery X1 Drop Quests X5 Quest Reward* X2 Drop Fish X5 Manor X5 Max. Enchant a-beep-t 16 Enchant Scroll 55% Bless Enchant 60% Profession prices (subclass free) 1 profession Free 2 profession Free 3 profession Free Server features: Full working skill, on the global balance. Full working all quests. Npc buffer (2h buff time) 24+4 Buff slot. 7Signs teleporter. Mammon added to GM Shop GM shop up to B grade. Working Fortress, Clan Hall. Castle Siege. Commercial Geodata. Full fixed all Raid / Grand Boss (Frinteza, Sepulchers, etc.) Working cursed weapons. Auto Events: TvT, CTF, DM. L2Play Hardware Server Location: Lithuania Processor: AMD FX-8150 ( 8 cores ) RAM: 32 GB DDR3 2x 120GB Intel SSD Raid 1 (560 mb/s Read/Write) Connection: 10GB/s General information Well established server with a good team to look after it. Now work functions .menu (acc control) and CTRL+SHIFT to look drop. Commands Show config menu .menu Repair player, need connect with other character in broken character acc .repair Events manager .events Offline Shop .offline Character information .whoami Locks / unlocks getting buffs only work in peace zones .blockbuff Account security commands Show HWID bind status .hwidstatus Enable/disable bind to HWID, use when you have dinamic IP (bind put on your PC, only for binded PC you can connect to account) .bindhwid
  3. both servers are fail... They even cant protect from ddos...
  4. ADVERTISEMENT EVENT STARTED! Read news in website!
  5. L2Play.eu its not l2off but this server is very close to retail and have nice features! take a look! Good protections and so on!
  6. L2Play.eu its not l2off but this server is very close to retail and have nice features! take a look! Good protections and so on!
  7. L2Play.eu its not l2off but this server is very close to retail and have nice features! take a look!
  8. LIVE SERVER WILL BE OPENED AT 2013.02.02 15.00H GTM +2
  9. Test server start today 21.00H GTM+2.
  10. TEST server tomorrow...
  11. its only second day when we announced about server, so its hard to predict anything atm.
  12. Every person must have opinion about what they like. anyway thanks :)
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