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  1. Ho men crap :s i do this at least a thousand times... i discovered also this function but you can see by yourself... you cannot use even your spawned adena or tallum blade.... because you just entered the inventory update... We must find the ID of the item and then spawned it in the inventory ( probably with sending to client the function 0B then ID )
  2. If someone belive in this fackin bullshit... i have only one thing to say to this one : Kill you it ll be better... BTW i never needed money on any server :)
  3. ](*,) ho man i cant wait more longer..... arggg :D plizz debugger it's time !
  4. :( pliz somebody answer me ... i think it must be easy but i dont know how to setup the L2Walker.. so pliz i beg some help...
  5. wahahah ^^ maann thankk you rMx15 you rox :D :lol: Sorry i didn't see this topic.. rly OMFG what a exploit men ^^ thx
  6. Hello Bastards ! :P lol Somebody know what are each ID for classes.. its for the bugs of multy class... we have to enter 2 hexadecimal code each one coded on 4 bytes at the end and each class have it's own code... like" 32 00 00 00 33 00 00 00 " for the titan .. if i well remmember.. So can someone post the list of all the ID for each classes thx ! ^_^
  7. Hi guys i searched on the forum for know how to configure and conect l2walker to a private server like L2 Rebirth ... But i have some problems... I can help you and give you the site of the server... it's : http://www.lineage2rebirth.com/ So if someone can answer me it will be very kind ^_^ thank you !
  8. Yes i know how to do... If you have a strider or a wyvern :D Use the Strider/Wyvern Exploit ! It's Very easy... Just do one shortcut for summon the strider/Wyvern and another shortcut for dismount your strider/wyvern... Then just go next to a wall and press quickly alternating on the first shortcut and the second...Continue walking in the direction of the wall and :!: Suddenly you will pass trought the wall... You are now free ! :D
  9. Yesss !!! :shock: c'monn :) :D :lol: OMFG it's work ! this exploit is so useful what a nice things !! thanks you guys
  10. hooo domenica :oops: i m on the rebirth server too and i tried many times ..it dont work for me .. can you tell me plizzzzz :) How did you do this? Thank you very much and see ya on the srv :lol:
  11. Hello guys... What a nice forum .. rly ! i like it :p Sooo.. i DL hlapex and i used it for many other thing like enchant 100% and i searched for hours , looking in the logs and sniffing with hlapex and then past and send... nothing work... the best thing i can do is: spawn an item in my inventory but it isn't the real item it's only an " appearance " ... when i close my inventory or try to equip this item.. it disapear... So if somebody know how to do it plizzzz tell us !! ( debugger you can also try :wink: ) Thanks you guys for your attention and one more time : This forum =