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  1. Hello, as always your interfaces sick, i have one suggestion which at least for me as caster is the most important, if it's possible to show when a Curse is Landed on screen. And when someone is using Celestial,Frenzy an icon above their name so you know how long till it ends. Other than that i think this would by far the best interface.
  2. I change the interface to yours that i found today, it have everything i want except if Gloom landed or not on screen :P I changed the systemmsg-e to my old one so i can see if my Gloom is failed or not, my only problem is that i wanna see if Gloom landed and the potision isn't the best. Some screenshots if u wanna see https://imgur.com/a/QZps39p. Is there any chance u will add something like that in your interface?
  3. I hope my lag will be fixed since mass pvp is a dissaster for me!
  4. Nice, i had alot of bugs in the previous interafce i hope it's all fixed now!
  5. Ah ok thanks for the info. I had an old interface and i put that systemmsg-e, so now i can see damage in the screen and system chat is blocking Spell is still on cooldown etc. The only problem is that system chat doesn't show if my gloom land neither failed for some reason and i can't see if curse landed on screen. Do you have any idea which other file i should copy from my old interface to this so i fix it? (In my old interface i could see Damage on screen + Gloom landed on system chat but not on screen).
  6. So if i understand correct, iordanov screenshot isn't the same with the interface he give? And if no, if there any post or anything i can see to do it by myself? Thanks for the help! Edit : But at Options -> Other -> Display on screen events isn't this an option that is suposed to show if a curse landed on screen?
  7. Best interface by far. Thanks for sharing! @Celestine I have a problem and i wanted to ask you if u know the solution since i have no idea which else to ask. I installed L2 interlude, i copied my server's system etc (L2Damage) and then i copied iordanov's but in-game i can't see the Damage on screen neither if eg my Gloom landed. (I already have ticked the option at Other) My system chat doesn't show with blue letter if my spell landed and i can see Spell is still waiting to cast filling all the system chat. But in iordanov screenshot i can see that his system chat is different and he can see Damage on screen + if Gloom landed. Do you know what my problem might be? Is it possible that i have a font problem that's why i can't see it? Or maybe my L2 interlude installer is bad? And a dumb question the correct way is L2 officia -> L2Damage ->Iordanov? or L2 Official -> iordanov -> L2damage?