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  1. hi guys, im searching a program who can make this cheat: upload to localhost. i know there is a program that can this. coz im using one, but this is limited version only 5kb/s upload:S not fair i know, i hope you can help me.
  2. it was, his pcp server, not the normal rate. as i heard it was closed. but my new info its still working. check it :p
  3. well, dont be sure about that. i met many player who try to save yourself, and they try to explain to the admins: i used walker once, but i ll never use again, plíííííz. etc... about another acc. if you play on private server (most of user here), you can make more acc than one. and if you have a full account, 8 piece of lvl85 char and you use this acc for botting... yeah easily use the full char for bot, but many players dont think about future. i have an acc, 2 char, i use them for bot, i used for phx, used for adena hack, used for dupe exploit, used for wall exploit, etc... if ad
  4. hi, guys, first of all, i dont want to make a junk topic. i hope it will not be. i wanna share some tricks how to not be banned using walker. i ll not share any program/hack/bug i dont know any of them. just some tricks, how to aviod the ban. the walkers are bannable offensives. everybody knows. but not easy to ban a person, by a simple picture, by a video. i wrote this guide for newbies, but probably it will helpful for others. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ YOU DONT GET BAN, YET When i first used
  5. well. i played in fair. i became hero. i made everything in the game. (ofc exclude many things :P) so i got everything. i managed castle, i was hero, got every pet, kill all epic bosses. so... and i left the game. for a years. coz donators, cheaters, etc. now i came back, for a while. and ofc i use l2w. as much as i know. coz. i never get that stuffs as i should own. i killed many player in donated armor, while i used simple ic. i never own rb jews, exclude core :P so. i have bad luck ingame. thats why i use l2w. and there are many donators. is that fair? a donated sutffs?
  6. well i played l2 ownage i always moved to get zariche with this char: ol/destro/pal/th th only for silent move, i want get zariche not kill mobs, and ofc i always used blunt weapon in 6 sub.... well... my opinion... i would never get archer. no way. in a high rate and many cross subbed server all player will use a tank with resist archery buff ofc. and in a fighter char i wotn use bishop. slow castings. with 6 sub i would take... ol/pala/destro/tyrant/th/warlord ol's atk, defence toggle skills, pala a.i.,stun, tol, destro's frenz, guts, zealot, roar, tyrant fist fury, og
  7. oh old memories :) i could rent a wyvenr about 4-5 years ago, when dragon network was c3 with c4 skills. i was newbie and i liked to fly :D
  8. if you pay a lot, you can get a private jail :P
  9. my own question, it's maps isnt bugged at hot springs? i downloaded hd maps, and its bugged at me :/
  10. and you can hack bakeice protect, and you can find many things on this forum yeah i remember the same, l2w 1.78-1.79
  11. or use l2w, or l2phx. both are good. but if you use a program to help, they would bann you.
  12. make user.ini to inwriteable (sry i dont know this option in english) maybe it ll help, coz l2.exe still use its own files. or if you play by own exe, check an unlimited zoom option. i played dragon network, there was an option in... c4 maybe?
  13. atm as i know there is no dupe exploit. all are fixed, and not posted any new
  14. as i understand you take the deposit window, and try to use it in a long distance. i tested about 2-3 years ago, not worked. using buffer npc in a distance tested on old l2ownage server, about 1-2 year ago aaaand didnt work. hey boy, maybe you are on one of the beginners servers. old tricks and in 90% its fixed