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  1. I am selling accounts 1lvl, gifted accounts i mean.. EU/WEST 16,500 RP = STock: 2 8,250RP = Stock: 2
  2. Dont trust him, he is a scammer

  3. It's fixed in mostly servers'' When u try 2 clients in same acc, get dissconect
  4. Hi guy's, i am selling L2toxic Coins Of Luck... there prices: 22 Coins of luck = 10$ USD 44 Coins of luck = 18$ USD !
  5. Hello guy's, i am selling very Cheap ( Donate Coins ) on server L2Damage > www.L2Damage.com 150 Donate coins = Price: 15 Euro 300 Donate Coins = 30 Euro Payment accepted: Western Union / Paypal.. I can be first with verified users !!
  6. I am selling 44 Coins of luck in L2 Toxic. Price: 20$ USD !!
  7. Masect asked from me Money, the guy tell me they are bussiness guy , who know how to advertise, and asked from me first pay 20,30eur max :D :D funny :D Add me facebook,bcuz i cannot send PM's: https://www.facebook.com/angel.tsvetkov.52
  8. Im looking for Developer,not for you "Advertise company" ;)
  9. Hello guy's, im looking for team, for my project I need one or Two developer's, who can edit the core aCis () I wanna start a seriusly project, never been stopped ...)) What server's i have for host the project.. 7 Server's.. 1 (WEB) Here i hosted WEB + MySQL .. 3xIntel Xeon Quad Core (2.99GHz) 16GB ram 2 (Router-Firewall BY CISCO SOFTWARE) This is router, this make private network, security my server's from exploits,and root access (hackers) This software by Cisco, good luck with hacking... 3(GameServer) 2xIntel Xeon 3GHz Quad core. 16GB Ram 4(Login Server) 2xIntel Xeon 3GHz Quad cor
  10. We can talk, find me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/angel.tsvetkov.52
  11. What project is more stable and cool for interlude PvP no custom, with custom featuers... aCis or Scoria ??