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  1. Sell l2reborn x1 int 0+ stock a grade sets /weapons / draco bow x 2 mage setup 78+ / 2 archers 76+ / cov / eva saints / pp 78 aq x2 mmoway sell adena in mmoway pp lv 62 dw/ focus / haste 150 eur wc lv 60+ all skills 150 ee 56 100 eur bd 60 120 eur sws 65 150 eur requiem#6468 or pm for skype
  2. SKELTH cardinal lv 78 naked GIRAN bd lvl 63 human wizzard lv 42 no class wts pp lv 55 tyr lvl 58 Destroyer lv 55 polerman lv 62 add Skype for more info all come whit original mail and all info for change it for our mail Skype: wuxilacaope@gmail.com
  3. all are manual check so try bot only at empty zones or duo have around 5+ pt and only got problem whit 1 char
  4. post is 1 month ago not now that markert price change
  5. Wts 5 account full to play all account premiun 1 month 1:tyrant lvl 75 full set avadon heavy / top b weapon 2: bd lvl 75 D set 3: WC lvl 75 karmian set 4:spoiler lvl 61 so can spoil all mobs for rec grade A / keys briga set 5: sws lv 50 d grade set Wts Around 150kk / 150+ elixir coins Also 200kk in mast rdy for use pm if you lf items or any that you need paypal skype : wuxilacaope
  6. sorry sold all adena only some dp left and account full geareds
  7. Want to sell +Necro 79 All important skills learned Set DC / TALLUM robe unsealed / set bw / avadon robe all parts +4 /4 200kk adena 100+ dp tons of mats +Cardinal 78 All important skills learned TALLUM robe unsealed / set bw / avadon robe all parts +4 /4 350kk skype or pm our skype i add you live: wuxilacaope Elite more
  8. wts adena 1kkk: 20 eur skype qqwo more