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  1. http://www.sendspace.pl/file/4be531667b5a6d720949cab I give the patch, if someone had problems with the party:)
  2. a lot of things we did today. We've added a Special Shop from Blessed Scrolls and other interesting things:) changed the price for GM Shop... now balance class:) and tomorrow Start :)))
  3. Hi, I would like to make a server that starts soon the chronicle Interlude. The server will be mainly oriented PvP. Start probably will be on Saturday. 12.09.09 :) Name Server: Out of Peace Chronicle: Interlude Site: - http://www.outofpeace.dl.pl/ Forum: - Rate: - Exp: 400x - Skill: 400x - Adena Drop: 400x - Item Drop: 1x - Spoil: 1x Enchant: - Safe Enchant: +4 - Max Enchant: +12 - Enchant Rate: 65% - Blessed Enchant Rate: 75% Information: - Auto learn skill - Ballanced Class - No Grade
  4. www.azarad.pl *Rates* Xp x15 Sp x15 Adena x10 Spoil x6 Drop x6
  5. *Rates* Xp x10 Sp x10 Adena x7 Spoil x6 Drop x6 Party XP x1.5
  6. okokok but i very want download gm shop VERSION 3.... but i can only VERSION 1.... plz help me.... Give me link ~! Very plz (GMSHOP VERSION 3) because is the best and weapon vesper have SA ~!
  7. Lineage 2 Heretics www.l2heretics.pl Our Rates: -EXP: 666x -SP: 666x -Adena: 666x -Drop: 1x Safe Enchant: +3 Max. Enchant: +15 Normal Enchants: 60% Blessed Enchants: 90% Server Features: -NPC Buffer , GM Shop , Global Gate Kepeer , Roy The Cat -Skill from LS -No Grade Penalty -Buffs are 2 Hours -Balanced Classes -No Need Q for Sublclass -Caradine's Letter in Gm shop -Clan related items in GM shop -Items for clan skills, are in shop -GMs holds special events -Farming Areas for FA -Level 81 skills 100% working -Olympiad working (e