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  1. Could someone send me a link on pm ? It hs been deleted from this site :/
  2. Can u post links to l2net downloads cause insane gamers doesnt work :/
  3. Which mobs i need to block ? I have same problem on L2Null... After few mobs "gm will be informed about illegal action" and d/c :( Help us please
  4. Hello, i'm looking for a gracia final (may be higher chronicle) server with rates something like x15 The most important thing is that l2w is working on it :) Waiting for response, thanks
  5. I think that he was talking about server that u can turn the bot on without problem... If there is a server like that i would be greatfull for link
  6. Ye i understand, that i could pm u but in my opinion if u make hidden post it's because u dont want to share it with all, and spaming u on pm isn't kind too... anyway i know u did good job cause i used the first version of program. Sorry for that what i said, bad day that's all
  7. lol why u need 1000 posts now for it ? U ofc want to earn some money for it right ? Few days ago u were a very wise man and now... All peoples all the same. PS. GM's why this stupid thing like post count works here ? All forum is full of spam
  8. Great :-) and everything will work like in clock :) thanks mate once again
  9. Sorry for so stupid questions but can i use delay ? Im saying about dances every 2 min and heal lets say once a min... is it possible ? Or is there any guide how to use it ? Beside readme i've readen it but i dont understand few things :/ Clockman maybe u have writed a guide in PL ? If yes please link or something :) Thanks once again, it targets attack etc great :)
  10. But if we use the options from this control panel ? I have a question is it possible to put buffs or something with this rar commands ?
  11. U will never be sure, bot is illegal so there is always a chance that u get banned, the question is do you want to risk or not ? In my opinion no risk no fun so i always bot :) GO BOTS !!
  12. I checked and it works for me without any problem atm :) i will check it full how it works in 5man party and post it here :) Anyway big thanks for you :>