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  1. Let's see how many retards are here. Many always know you are one. Always a better judgement comes from outside.
  2. Now is my English can't see what it is proven. 20 Euros for non premium or what is it a Month for each user for Help Unfraid with Gitub ???? This is so FAKE and this post not prove anything.
  3. I don't need go far for see who left the friends in bad situations or you want I quote the posts here? I never saw anyone from Mobius team blame anything about me , but I saw members of your team blame you. So better you stay calm.
  4. Is not for you understand , sure many here know maths and will understand what I am meaning. Your brain can't read even a poor English so I believe your difficulty for help with the project.
  5. So as I said - WE NEVER DID ANYTHING FOR MONEY. BIG LIE 20 euros a MONTH for Github for each user let me LAUGH !!! We are all in bad situation . DID YOU UNDERSTAND THIS ENGLISH (EUROS) ?
  6. hahahahah you make my day stupid KID! You don't make money I have to smile until can't more! YOU are dUMP and Stupid just 2 in one . We don't hide we synchro your files and after that we had hundreds problems so we have to fix it. If you call it leeching well as I said you make me smile fortunately I think L2Junity don't have many like you !
  7. I have good manners always my dear Gladicek but some people make me lose my patience. Mobius commit what is necessary for make a project work and is not leeching he maintains always the credits from who belong the files not like you blame him just for show off. From you guys what I saw is just very incomplete stuff , never finish anything based in your "Parameters retail thing" and all I saw from you after we synchro our project was a fiiles plenty buggy. You are the ones make users pay for nothing and in the end they still have a very empty project. And with some of your contributors what you do is build your own projects. like you did on l2jServer. But there you couldn't get money so you had a idea for steal money from people and now what they get ??? ANY USER OUT THERE WITH L2JUNITY FILES for a live server ????? Please WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.
  8. One day I have to teach you a good manners as your seems my kids when they want something. But with you I can deal because you are one of these I talked about and you should be shamed your self instead come here with shit comes from your mouth. I won't answer you because you are so dump and not sure if you deserve attention.
  9. This is how people act when they are jealous , nothing is more predict than attack others homes instead worries about them selfs. Mobius was the only developer I know brought a very good developer from l2jserver and free for everyone after the l2j has fall apart no others has this courage bring their work for free because all exists is plenty of interests of they own server and selling files. I'm never doubt l2junity is good but inside is full of opportunists and same was in l2jServer. Is not just about retail files and bla bla the true was and is always about inner groups for they can have their own servers. Unfortunately because all of it we had to put our project private and who is lost with all of it is the users. Anyway my adviser to you all because what this topic bring to all of us is bad reputation and how developers working. Is a very shameful and if you are proud of your selfs you should act in different ways. Mobius is a good person and a very good developer and he just bring for all of us one more chance to get a decent server even not custom. And if you are proud of you your work too you should look inside instead others work is the only way you can progress.
  10. I have no idea even I'm not even worried about it , I just want show you a fact then you guys have someone inside our project for some reason. I'm not check you work , I never did and I was the only one tell Mobius for he never synchro your files , so about it we are as well clarify .
  11. For me it should never start but has always you (L2JUnity) seems living for blame Mobius.
  12. You are absolutely wrong , many didn't much , but I'm ensure you many match. So I still saying same thing if you don't steal someone else do.
  13. I really true would like believe you but I don't. You know you have a user in our project. If ChaosPaladin can prove it just give a shout to Mobius and clarify it , is that simple?
  14. Im not accuse you , I was clarify about it, I accuse all your team have a user in Mobius project for some propose and it is NOT speculation. This is happen...