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  1. already try but it rearaly work, waiting for 2,3' it chang and attach target. i don't know why.last time its owrk perfect in gracia part 1, but when up part 2 it's have that problem
  2. Thx emir0n, link in elitepvpers forum die.thx for your post :P
  3. Thx emir0n alot. it's work, i no need to reset trial. Waiting for this for 3 week, cause i play RevLineage2. Try many kind of bot L2.net l2divine, sniper but not work IG or OOG. Just only Ig 2.05 work but did'nt have crack. So this trial will ues for a long time?Will happy botting, i don't have time to play game so i use bot :P .i see u in many forum.U such pro in L2. Thx alot :-*
  4. -Start L2Walker once and exit -Start regedit, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software -Right click on ASProtect -Click export and save the file to your walker folder can you post the picture step by step for me.cause i must reset trial every time.it wase of time.if do that folow you mean i no need to reset reset trial once again?Thx alot :-*
  5. This is great, i already use 5 times, and terminate.then i use reset trial and it's work.So it can reset so many time and this is a realy crack.Thx alot this guy :-* :-*