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  1. Hey guys, im looking for an ingame or outgame walker for L2Dismay HB http://www.l2dismay.com/?page=features
  2. still there isnt any working version. can somebody help?
  3. i tried. still got the problem. one of my friend with xp tried too, he can run the 10.7.4 walker, but he got the timeout error too... BTW, vendetta is down for 3 days:( will be up on tuesday
  4. yep, there is timeout again. (and i used 10.7.1 only just because the token.exe did not want to run with that l2walker.exe.) my friend tried this too, but not works for him too. (btw, we are using win7 x64) any idea?
  5. first of all, the L2walker.exe is not running. i tried with 10.7.1, but with that there is a timeout error, when i try to log in. any idea?
  6. ask AboveTheSystem's fucktards, who hacked vendetta. (sarcasm off) i dont know, how to get, but one of the other thread here, there is a guy, who posted a screen from a working l2walker. noien is his name. but he dont wanna share, or idk. Please somebody help.
  7. this blowfish token is only for L2Net, not for L2walker, but the ip is correct.
  8. i think there are these skills too, but the walker dont show their names, just empty fields. but im not sure, that was with v10.7.4 OOG walker on the old Vendetta.
  9. nope, my version works fine. l2asrv.exe->l2walker.exe->set the path->click to the run button no problem, with windows 7 x64. your operation system is?