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  1. this bug has been fixed AGES ago...unless they use platform from the dinosaurs times LOL...
  2. All server has something new from features to show..the point is to be different from the other I_wanna_make_fortune_like_bill_gates_from_l2donations and dont treat your friends/old clan m8's or w/e they are by helping and giving.. good luck and i hope you get what you set as a goal from your project..
  3. Also i wanna share my opinion since i played myself as well... we gave him proof about one clan that made an exploit bug with one npc that gives Festival Adena (main economy coin),proof that they weere feeding like hell in olympiad and proff that 3 of the specific clan chars that got 200 olympiad points w/o playing 1 match and that they have a special accesorie that boost 10% stats except casing/attack speed and he just banned some of us and jailed the rest..do NOT join his server..
  4. I joined this server and believe me this admin cant fix anything!!just another archer/duelist server..also admin/gm playing with their ALTS that happens to be edited as well...dont not choose this server believe me..
  5. Kalispera se olous kai se oles!!opws mporeite na deite eimai arketa kainourios se olo auto to xaos pou legete l2j server kai oti paremferi...loipon gia na mpw sto kuriws 8ema na min sas idrwnw kai egw (mas ftanei H zestH) prospa8w na anoiksw ena diko m server meta apo arketa xronia san aplos player kai mexri twra ta paw kala!!ennow pws exw idi kataferei na ton sikwsw kai na mpoune kapoioi filoi mou gia na ksekinisoume na ton stunoume..ti 8elw egw apo sas alania mou einai to eksHs..to client p trexw exei para polla la8H ta opoia dn 8elw na moirastw gti to topic exei allo logo..mipws kserei kanenas na me steilei se kana link etc wste na parw ena client etoimo apo gmshop//global GK k genika to mono pou na xreiazete einai na ftiaksw tis leptomereies me oti 8elw egw extra?gti polla topic p lene pws na valeis NPC ktl ktl ta link tous plewn einai nekra!!euxaristw kai mono pou to diavasate magkes mou kai xarika pou ir8a se ena tetoio forum me trelous ellinares na kanoune 8aumata kuriolektika!!na eiste kala alania mou...
  6. Παιδια εγω εχω να αναφερω το εξης, δεν ειχα ιδεα πως σηκωναμε σερβερ πωσ φτιαχνω dtabase και ολα αυτα..ο παλικαρακι ο παπαδιτσας μου τα εμαθε ολα μεσω των ποστ που κανει..να σαι καλα φιλε συνεχισε ετσι...