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  1. Can hlaPex work on l2OFF or is just for L2j ?
  2. it takes your user name and password because its keylogger
  3. im playing on idragon3d, and i have spoiler. A lot of rusians come to me , buy enchants and they enchanting it in front of me. I see diference in glow when they come, buy enchants and when they go. there must be some exploit for this, i asked all of them to tell me how they do that but noone answered :( if someone knows how u do this pls tell me here or on pm, i have 10 enchants in wh waiting for some exploit to enchant my bop
  4. huh, looks like russian letters arent crazy :) i needed some rus fonts :D
  5. there are a lot stuff on this web page, but its on russian, can someone translate this pls? main url: http://machada.b0x.com/ overenchant tut url: http://machada.b0x.com/UP.htm original text: