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  1. http://www.e-jacks.com kathe klik metraei.
  2. nazghoul, MASTROPOS xaxa, etsi pame dinamika! To site apektise kai fun club tora :P Oso gia to category me ta full games,tha borouse na ginei ena , me tin proipothesi oti tha prepei na eisai registered gia na to blepeis. (gia na min mas blepei o googlis :P)
  3. How to bot on official C5!!! Please download version0.5.1 here: l2asrv051.zip What is new: +--------------------------------------------------------------- + 2006/09/29 0.51 version released + 1.Fix only first user name display bug + (MD5:75f8eba6528a1fb6b637ba520399431a) +--------------------------------------------------------------- + 2006/09/28 0.5 version released + 1.Support L2walker 10.7.4 + (MD5:58499e092dc8ddee9ea4fafa7d4f8389) +--------------------------------------------------------------- steps: 1.Modify hosts file vip.to
  4. Well here are some ListID A Grade. Whit this u ony will need the ItemID For those who dont know how to use this u just need to Hex the number in hlapex Weapom ListID's (S) S/Hands Swords:9045 D/Hands Swords:9046 Dual Swords:9047 Daggers:9048 Bows:9049 Fists:9050 Poleams:9051 S/H Blunts:9052 D/H Blunts:9053 Armos ListID's (S) Helmets:9054 Chest:9055 Fullarmors9056 Legs:9057 Gloves:9058 Boots:9059 Shields:9060 Underwears:9061 Weapom ListID's [A] Bow [A]:9040 Fist [A]:9041 D/Hands Sword [A]:9037 Duals Sword [A]:9038 Dagger [A]:9039
  5. hLaPex Its a Explorer that you use to decode the pack From server And CLinet that they send each other ok lets get start it.. 1.You need to put the hLaPex in ur System folder 2.Start hLaPex Before Statin Your client so When u join the Game it Should said this Well ok i see that You Guys Are Havin Problem Whit the "Gettin Items" & "Multiple Class skill Mixin" *Getting Items Well ok First u need to know Two Importan Things To make This Action 1. Its the ListID from the Item You wanna Get! 2. Its The ItemID The code to make this action its ma
  6. First of all you need a working L2Walker, in my example i used L2Walker 10.2.3 with Walker Patcher by sauron. Second you need this great tool artmoney715eng.exe that can be found here: http://www.artmoney.ru/e_download_se.htm .After you connect to your server , try to talk to any npc you want to reveal its htm code. For example: Event Manager from Idragon 2nd Server : Then run "ArtMoney SE v7.15" and you will see the window.Select Process like show in pic: L2Walker bla bla Then click the button "Search" , and follow steps as shown in pic:
  7. http://rapidshare.de/files/8079786/L2Helper_chit.zip.html
  8. - All Cheats RUSSIAN - Cheatzone RUSSIAN DOWN - Cheaters.com.ru RUSSIAN DOWN - GameHAQS ENGLISH - Elitepvpers ENGLISH - Cheatworld RUSSIAN New
  9. Квест называется The Hunt of Black Lion, ID = 333 Карго сдаются Guildsman Morgan - он за них дает гилд коины + деньги, от числа гилд коинов зависит цена которую он заплатит за карго. Больше 300а + 1 гилд коин не дает зараза.
  10. Download here: Download Dwarf Resource Creator v1.0 Uses: Create Soulshots, Spiritshots, along with other resources while afk. Will pause the item creation process when mana falls below a certain point and start back up when mana is full. *Note* Do not move mouse during crafting process, it will be controlled with the program. Use F11 to stop creating items anytime. Works with any resolution(tested in windowed mode only). No rest option because you don't have to stand to create, better to s
  11. Wanna be a russian ingame? LOl HERE: Copy and Replace!
  12. To activate you need these files: Here -------------------------------------------- This file was translated from russian: // Operating instructions of exploit "Texture hack". // Transfer and addition ReadMe + screenshot of --- Navern. // Enumeration of the files of the archive: 1. Frame view.jpg 2. No textures.jpg 3. ReadMe.txt 4. slacker1off.txt 5. slacker1on.txt 6. user.ini // You will move all files from the archive into the folder/system your root catalog with the game. Before the copying you will be convinced, that made a
  13. Basically, attempt to enchant your weapon about 30 seconds before the Server shuts down. If the enchant is successful, LOG OFF. It will save your weapon. If it is not successful, DO NOT log off, and the server rolls back a minute or two and you still have your weapon. Its called rollback !