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  1. I made a trade with him from adena on magmeld to bartz and everithing was good.... +1 from me
  2. Checked but not what im looking for sorry... Still looking for some char
  3. I Want to trade like 400kk or 500kk on magmeld to Bartz if some one is able to help me i will appreciate.
  4. Since im moving server i want to sell my toons i have on Magmeld. Othels: Othel Human LVL 87 - Naked with event daggers he got subclass 70 Othel Dark Elf lvl 86 . R grade Archers: Yull Human LVL 87 - R grade YULL Human 89 - R Grade Dual Class Summoner lvl 87 Wynn Spectral Master, 74 Spellsinger Support: ISS Enchanter LVL-87 Nobless Aoeore Healer LVL 86 Offer me Adena: 1 bill to sell on magmeld
  5. The delivery was fast and it is 100% legit .... 1+ from me
  6. Do you have any Othel or Yull 96 ?
  7. I can sell you one lvl 87 Legit ISS if you want
  8. Looking for another account !! 96++ please You also can add me on skype to negotiate: tiagoneiva