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  1. just got scammed also by that guy from Africa wish i had read this post here before...29 usd scammed
  2. Scammer ,don't trust him just got scammed for 30 usd he's name is Kipkorir Sitienei African mothafuckerscammer
  3. as title say i want to buy WL80+nob /DC 80+/PP80+ /SWM/BD/ WK SK 83 (ICONA)
  4. this revision is soo -beep-ing old and dev just started to fix it... the new revision is light years from this one shared here ..sry to disapoint you guys and 15 mega for such a complex assembly..cmon.. even russian testers from la2base and chezy said the same things i mentioned before..
  5. For buffer just go to config and enable buffer from powerpack then spawn it id 50019
  6. Hello all.. my question is.. how can i update my server from project svn without every time reconfig all and install all again there is a method for autoupdate server without building it every time from svn repository? i mean if i find a bug.. and project release a cure for it.. i need every time to rebuild all and reinstall all ?