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  1. My custom off server cannot display gatekeeper tamil, the gk of orc village.The poblem seems to be in the texture because the gk can be selected (/target Tamil).Can anybody submit a link for me to download the texture? :roll:
  2. oxi 50 euro re...lewforo filhsme 25 full peripoihsh :oops:
  3. It has an auto update process when u load and it cannot be bypassed.I've tried to extract nwindow.dll, while which is the "guilty"file but winrar does not allow this as "it is used by an other application".If Maxtor comes up with sth new... btw im not counting on that...
  4. well i've figured it out myself.I doesn't work because it auto updates nwindow.dll and engine.dll anytime u try to login.It has no effect. I still haven't tested the potential of the so heard "Maxtor's help.htm"...
  5. Come on lets everyone post our probs with the server
  6. einai kaneis pou na exei katafere tpt meto help.htm sto bnb???
  7. I can't say what may cause the problem but u make sure the pc is not spyware or virus infected.I suggest that u format ur pc to rid get of whatever troublesome.
  8. ki emena de 8a me xalouse ka8olou na mou estlen kapoio kalo paidi th version gia eglobal h dief8insi mou einai bitz-sk8boy@hotmail.com. GG