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  1. Yeah LOL InGame work 100% btw any one know how to use in ogg walker logim 1 ip and gameserver 1 ip?~ if yes post for put ogg working :)
  2. ok guys soz my english very bad but work for u dual boxing dont wory.... Remenber this post.. http://www.maxbastards.gr/forum/index.php?topic=3134.0 ok use it.. and kill process i talk RunLineagefirst in Mutex... or make some software for kill automatic,, and run all lineage u need to run :) i say 2 days ago is veyr easy :P :P :P :P ;D
  3. To easy use search botom and kill runlineagefisrt
  4. YEAH ppl this post is for bot in supreme lest go start new :) BTW I do not have nothing against supreme so that this and exactly thus one makes protect others not.. Onapex->>> you remembered the 1 person who showed bot to you to work in paradize???? think about that, becose i have irc chat in my host i think only need go search. MATROX pls close post no need more post here all ppl need is here :P
  5. mcrabben7 check this out: - In the meantime, it is perfectly fine for anyone, without FBI approval, to use the following generic language on material protected under U.S. copyright law: "Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000." - [move]go and seach by yourself from supreme investigation at www.fbi.gov - "cyber investigation"[/move]
  6. Onepex paradize is owned 1 time , supreme beta is owned to , now 2 weeks supreme 5x live is owned , BTW macraben use a pack software not easy reversing but now ppl have a script to reversing this pack themedia is easy now, u know software to bypass is upload in 4share?.... macraben need to work more 1 week for new patch remenber is imposivel to protect 100% "and NcSoft know about macraben change all system "
  7. [move]DiabloAssassin From Portugal[/move] ok for me is finished to play in this server :) First pass to bypass this system protection 1-Download Process Explorer from website www.microsoft.com normal dont have any virus but run antivirus all time first run any software : 2-Open the l2.exe from system normal, next open Process Explorer, 3- In Process Explorer go to process l2.exe and open him 2 clics Next. go to Threads case and found lineageenv.dll this Thread ok onyl u need is (Kill him). 4-open any software u like run for lineage-no more protection
  8. ok mpj is not easy becose only 1.76 u cant run 2 same time , if u try run l2.exe and l2walker u get program is running , but i go leave this projet i go post the easy bypass , i have 2 bypass and i go post i hope any one continue this i leave supreme .... no time for play any more :(
  9. put ver 1.76 working in any c5 cliente ex:retail and i put him working in supreme.. becose bypass is finich patch32.dll inject.dll inside.dll dniw.dll patcher.dll actool.exe shadow.exe ollydbg.exe artmoney.exe l2asrv.exe lineageii.dll smss.exe [system process] l2.exe mutextol2walker ac tool.patcher l2agent l2wind l2.net lineage net softice ollydbg artmoney la2monster hinside l2superman ig l2packethack z914095415195 hlapex enter game press home key l2walker L2Walker IG L2Walker OOG [corexitprocess mscoree.dll