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  1. I need a loop that repeats itself infinitely and when I die I go back to the city and repeat the script label(start) { MOVETO(116376,-179128,-1104) MOVETO(117352,-178888,-1120) NPCSEL(Nathan[ID=30548]) NPCDLG(Nathan[ID=30548]) DLGSEL(Quest) DLGSEL(Ask him to spin the spider silk) MOVETO(117336,-178888,-1120) MOVETO(115880,-179112,-1024) MOVETO(115720,-178760,-960) MOVETO(115688,-178328,-944) MOVETO(115960,-177784,-888) MOVETO(115992,-177736,-888) MOVETO(116104,-177736,-880) MOVETO(116200,-177656,-880) MOVETO(116248,-177544,-880) NPCSEL(Mion[ID=30519])MOVETO(115464,-178040,-928) NPCDLG(Mion[ID=30519]) DLGSEL(Quest) DLGSEL(Say you will continue) DELAY(2500) MOVETO(116104,-177736,-880) MOVETO(116072,-177736,-880) MOVETO(116072,-177736,-880) MOVETO(115992,-177736,-888) MOVETO(115464,-178072,-928) NPCSEL(Newbie Guide[ID=30601]) NPCDLG(Newbie Guide[ID=30601]) DELAY(1500) DLGSEL(Receive help from beneficial magic.) DELAY(2500) MOVETO(115096,-178152,-912) NPCSEL(Wirphy[ID=30540]) NPCDLG(Wirphy[ID=30540]) DELAY(500) DLGSEL(Teleport) DELAY(500) DLGSEL(Western Mining Zone (Central Shore)) DELAY(2500) MOVETO(137016,-206328,-3632) DELAY(500) MOVETO(140744,-208168,-3568) DELAY(500) MOVETO(141592,-208840,-3360) DELAY(500) MOVETO(142232,-209128,-3440) DELAY(500) MOVETO(143256,-210072,-3712) DELAY(1000) } jmp(start)
  2. farm tarantula ́s spider silk script... quest lvl 15 dwarf village begin // ???? while User.Level > 10 do begin // lvl if not User.InCombat then begin if User.Dead then begin Engine.GoHome; Delay(9000); Engine.MoveTo (116696, -179544, -1136); Engine.MoveTo(116725, -180147, -1200); Engine.MoveTo(115448, -178440, -928); Engine.MoveTo(115608, -178024, -912); end; if User.inrange(115608, -178024, -912, 250, 150) then begin //1 res Print('Go Buffer'); Engine.SetTarget('Newbie Helper'); //Target do NCP NEBIE Delay(1500); Engine.DlgOpen; // abre chat combat npc Delay(1500); Engine.DlgSel(6); Delay(3500); Engine.CancelTarget; Engine.MoveTo (115096, -178168, -912); Delay(1500); end; if User.inrange(115096, -178168, -912, 250, 150) then begin //2 res Print('Go Teleporte'); Engine.SetTarget('Teleport Device'); //Target do NCP GK Delay(1500); Engine.DlgOpen; // abre chat combat npc Delay(1500); Engine.DlgSel(1); Delay(1500); Engine.DlgSel(10); Delay(5000); Engine.MoveTo (137240, -206280, -3568); Engine.MoveTo (140712, -207656, -3684); Engine.MoveTo (140472, -208936, -3424); Engine.MoveTo (140664, -208840, -3416); end; end; Delay(2000); end; end.
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