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  1. Meet . . . L2 Viral L2 Viral is a NEW Gracia Final pride style server . Our server offers new unique to our project features as well as extreme optimization of the already existing ones. 🌐Contact Links :🌐 Facebook/Site : L2 Viral Official Facebook Page Discord : L2 Viral Official Discord server We use our facebook page as our web page, as well, since we don't see the need of actually creating a site/forum when we can use Facebook and Discord which are way more interactive, usefull and easier for our community to use.
  2. Hello there. I would like to know the reason why was my topic deleted. I'm talking about the topic where i was advertising my server L2 Viral. It was simply deleted. No one sent me any info or anything. As far as i know of my topic was within the forum rules. Can i have a reason why this happened?