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  1. More frinend having a doubt and not knowing how to speak english is a crime because i didn't know Another thing if my web is from l2off would you like me to post the question in java ? i didn'n understand why you came to my question if it was just to criticize.
  2. You are trying at some point to add the flags of the alliance so that they appear on my website, but more than the verses I found or something is missing from some point of view to provide the functions that should be added correctly, please.
  3. My files server 10 and 50x Full edited files npc buffer first and second job npc donater and npc donater subclass / nobless cat class manager is first and seconde adena,3 job is donater in case of interest contact me that i will provide access to the server so you can observe in full operation and also see everything that as been done it is mounted for 10x to 50x 50 euros Observation server in :ONLINE Sorry my english...... the sale is not focused on the files, but on the time spent on configurations because it has several items a
  4. Sell topgames200 Website complete with api systema and function by credits where the user can rent the banner slot for the days you want and not with fixed value, also has a banner reservation system where the user who wants the same slot can be reserved for the release date of your game sorry my english....... Image € 30.00 Check online site Link demonstration: l2top