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  1. What's up. Imagine I am multiboxing with 5 clients, I want to play with one of them, and have all the others following the main and also assisting to kill. Obviously I can do this by alt+tab each one of them, but it would be inneficient. It would be even better if could replicate the skills from the main client to the other boxes (i.e. playing with 5 archers, main archer uses skill stun, others also use stun). Obviously I'm looking for something cheaper than Adrenaline, because I don't need all the complex scripting and automation of adrenaline... only follow and assist. Private server, Smartg
  2. Greetings, I used to use 2 interfaces, Deadz Interface 2.4, and Darkdelux Interface, in an High Five server, but it seems the admin blocked them because now everytime I try to use any of them I get an error "interface.u corrupted files". Is there any way to surpass this block? The server is now using Smartguard 3.1. The only feature I care about the interfaces is the ability to auto-assist a player in my multi-boxes. I don't really care about the fancy colours or extra skill bars, etc, I only care about auto-assist and auto-attack using multi-boxes, so also if someone knows another similar i