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  1. I have all day free, will play most time you need me. Known sellers can tell you i'm serious person. PM here.
  2. Sorry for the drama with the scammer for those who witnessed it, sad to see he isn't banned, i can provide info if it helps and some mod cares. So beware of MarkoG. I know my account is recent but it's because i've lost the years old one... Edit: still lf char
  3. SCAMMER: Read for explination and pics. Great char (many want) & great price, on gear too great. So all i wanted a middleman who's fee of 5% i'd pay. Wouldn't let me. Reasons were the (half market price) Set was from a friend that would only give it on his paying. Annnd the 90kk had to go on bulk too. So he wants a Pay Per Faith on items, increasing the value, starting from a regular priced jewl set to eventually the higher priced things where i assume if scammer i'd get a block. When i proposed to get only his things not the friend he started deflecting on Me being Fishy etc.
  4. Can't PM you, says "person can't receive pm's" PM me exact item list on L2reborn and how much € for each
  5. Pm here. Don't say offer me, just a fair price on the meta. Middleman services we use a professional Might buy you gear+adena, maybe naked, depends. EDIT: Sorry for the spam below, and -1rep, i didn't fall for a scam and wrote a text in his thread, he came to attack me here. If you do want to read it it's easy to get what happened 😃
  6. Botting is easy. Not getting banned is hard. For Captcha bypass scri+t of having a ring .wav on that pm me i can sell cheap-