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  1. For sale: DC robe set BOMT acu 20kk aden Can be in 1 package with some discount or something :)
  2. WTS L2 reborn archmage + DC Rb set, A gr acu weapon (not low a gr) + Gratis some adena and all WH junk :)
  3. I can show proofs (there is alot of them to see) so if moredators wants I can show screens but need to look into this screens coz he was editing his post to get away with his scamm, but I still got the old screens and can show them :) U wont get away with this scamm dude, im asure u that I wont let u
  4. I see you was trying to overwait this situation, and came back :) Actually Ive replied to his PM and after Ive proved He wont fool me, coz i know what he has done he never replied anymore (Can show screens - didnt replied since 23 Oct - I think he thought if he wait a month he can get rid of me and this scamm) Refund me back my money scammer then I will delete.
  5. He scammed me, Ive send money like 4 days ago and get nothing, he was deceiving me for 3 days that that he is waiting for something with his paypal and finally stopped answearing me