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  1. WTS 81SPS AND 93% Learned Elemental BURST All spirits lvl 2, water lvl 3 Gears: Unsealed: FLAME SET+5 DC/TALUM ROBE HELMET +4 Diamont Crystal +5 Sigel 13/ISS13 Ring of toi +6 Earing of DV +6 Phoenix ring +5 DV+5 Sealed: MJ ROBE HELMET+3 MJ ROBE GLOVES+3 MJ ROBE BOOTS+3 Deamon staff+10 Orfen doll 2 Brooch4/bracelet4/agath3/belt 4/cloack4 Ignis 5/petram5 Talismans: Aden +6 Eva +4 Authority +4 Speed +4 Venir 10 All jewels 2/3 Pedant eihasand 2 2k cookies/200 each scroll combat/exp Rush Sell 350euro only Paypal only.
  2. WTB> Essence Blue Ant Queen 1-3 Baium 1-3 Anakim 8 Orfen 3 Baium Talisman Decent price only, due to low activity of essence blue. I can pay PP,WU,ETH If no rep middle man required. Discord: samar40#8283
  3. Blue Themis +4 with Anakim 6 Iss 11 Feoh 8 Improved
  4. Hi, Looking for high lvl character pref deathknight/dominator, but also can get summoner/mage Most important gears, looking for gears please contact me by pm here or mail me: Around 500-800$ budget. Thank you