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  1. OPENING 10 JULY AT 21:00 GMT+2 OBT SERVER TBC Hello all! I'd like to introduce our project L2, Classic 3.5 with all latest features but Kamaels removed So whats different? Best server files we use the best server files on the market for Classic projects Unique balance class balance like never experienced using buff balancing from L2 Essence Functions 100% auto-farm, WASD and all functions working correctly Great concept fair and balanced gameplay without game breaking donations Static epics spawning on 30 minute windows at static times Basic Server Information EXP/SP: x7 ADENA: x2 DROP: x1 SPOIL: x2 amount RaidBoss Drop: x2 RaidBoss Exp: x2 Epic Boss Drop: x1 Attribute exp: x2 Max windows: 2 Chronicle: Classic 3.5 - (Essence Balance) (Removed Kamaels) Huge wars guarenteed, big clans confirmed, check reqruitment in forum/wiki OPENING 10 JULY AT 21:00 GMT+2 OBT SERVER TBC