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  1. If you understand from my message that i use Pigasos files your iq is very low to continue this conversation.
  2. Quality and professional services, fully recommend.
  3. Dear maxcheaters, to avoid ban from my little boy xzonka is simple: Don't use professional analytics in your websites. He doesn't want you to see how he send you fake traffic х3 The oldest community remember that topzone make copy paste hopzone. I will never forget how this xzone begged servers to add on his site. At start of topzone the most of traffic to hes website was from Greek players because at that time all of Greece was sick with lineage2. Hopzone, Google Ads, FB ads, and prefer Discord than topzone, it will bring you for same money better traffic. Surely yo
  4. Achylek vercetti's dog stop barking. L2e-global is .gr before you know what is lineage2. About copy of features is a simply bootstrap tables and nothing special. And l2elixir the original domain is l2elixir.eu and never was .com what means, your daddy Vercetti is domain thief. Vercetti, give to your dog achylek a bone to stop barking