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  1. Speak english please. Iam not guyts
  2. there is virtualization in critical parts, you only show a main function where you don't have virtualization ... don't worry, time will tell the truth. I don't waste any more time with you.
  3. why? to tell the truth? ... the exe has virtualization.
  4. which enemy if I don't know him ... I only said what seemed to me. Now if you are depending on what a person does, it is your problem. I just said what I thought and you can see that it offends them ... Sorry MasterToma JMP JMP JMP JMP JMP JMP JMP JMP....
  5. here is something strange. For some reason you virtualized the executable, that shows that your intentions later will be others. or something you are hiding in your codes.
  6. I do not think it has a future, it will not be possible to extend to each one and it will be necessary to depend on mastertoma making changes, since the executable has a strong virtualization of code.
  7. Hi Do you need an application to send announcements of the votes within the server? Or just a web page for people to vote and receive the reward? Also tell me what L2OFF files do you use. regards...